For 800 million farmers folks 'outbreak' 1. 44 million village doctor in war 'disease'

by:Celecare     2020-07-15
City, is one of their war outbreak site. Of countryside, the foot is to position. Look, is the closest relative folks neighborhood. At this moment, the country's 1. 44 million rural doctors is the rural folks walk stick to 800 million farmers. Dressed in a white coat figure as if a reassuring flag, they are holding temperature measuring gun, built a defense against the footsteps, shield up. 1. 44 million local white is the most unique color, early spring fields only a belief in their minds: go straight on, always, until the life return to homeland. I can't stop to 41 Yin Shouchun wanted to sit down for a while, but my feet are still in alternating with forward, his light in anhui province and county sun fort village gradually light, thousands of people are waiting for his footsteps. He is the only has not been isolated outbreak after the arrival of the village doctor, everyone at home, he had a walk on the road. USES temperature gun visits every day more than 100 households, the temperature measurement to prevent cross infection, screening and registration, in his 2003 website SARS disease resistance line, after 17 years, stand up again. I can't stop. And he said, again gathered pace. Drink some tea not stuck a gun in one hand and a temperature, in one hand and a disinfectant. Anhui quanjiao guandu village, cole and peaceful Zheng Guixia it for 36 years of village doctor couple, already can't remember how many times back and forth in one day in the village. The couple in the village of 24 hours testing point, clinic and the villagers home constantly shuttle, thousands of times during the day to raise temperature gun. Rest time fragmentary like recently in the cloudy day occasionally under the sunshine. Steps of jin-ping liu carry a cup of tea, tea is seventy percent a drink tea will not sleepy. He squinted with red eyes smiled. Put on a white coat, I am a flag this half a month, Ding Yongkui walk walk faster to catch up with the past one year away, the screen WeChat movement on the planet. Do village doctor for 20 years, he has never been busy against SARS. His jinzhai county in anhui building village of hubei province is only 3 km distance, shinshu bayonet is his epidemic prevention front. Need to isolate the villagers in the village to twice a day to measure body temperature, the farthest one clinic 10 kilometers. 47 Ding Yongkui wish like sun wukong can be two places at once to a few himself, while playing at two bayonet. The only white-coated Ding Yongkui particularly conspicuous in the village, and put on a white coat, I am a flag, have me at, folks. He said. Temperature after out against pneumonia as accurate as the first line, wish the world all ok! Paint to learn tao annual lunar calendar won the 146 praised the circle of friends. At that time, he stood on the first line - indeed - - - - - - It is from anhui and hubei provincial boundaries. Anhui jinzhai paint shop village, adjacent to the macheng, hubei card point is set beside the province boundary tablets. Hinterland of the dabie mountain in the morning, and the temperature close to ten degrees below zero, infrared temperature measuring gun outside cannot work normally. To learn tao even his shivering, paint or cold temperature measuring gun tucked into your arms. After a while can ensure accurate. All night long, paint to learn tao hand already numb, cold even push a button fixed temperature measuring gun. Don't have a fever, healthy waiting! Paint to learn tao trembling purple lips, said the night good heart steadfast. Lovely you, I am not afraid of January 27 at 3 o 'clock in the morning, the ringing of shortness in clinic sleep woke up under the near village doctor Zhu Shiyong, confirmed! The other end said, Zhu Shiyong heart thumped. He didn't expect, summer he guarded by anhui mingguang city village war outbreak of guns or Fried in the ear rings. At five o 'clock in the morning, he could no longer sleep, put on the protective clothing, early in the twilight sky back home to get confirmed spray the villagers disinfection, ask close contacts on the back one. If I was afraid, folks don't more afraid? He said. Family reunion dinner is a bowl of instant noodles, Zhu Shiyong busy almost forgot already the half month to go home. Villagers from peanuts, pull up his hand and invited him to the last supper, the family concerns phone he choked me: I'm not afraid, I have a lovely wife and children have a lovely folks. Put us up dad anhui feidong wins in the community clinic, finally a patient is night when they leave. Village doctor cui patriotic and weeks to sterilize clinic all super couple, two children from the inner dormitory happily jump out to, they can finally for the first time in a day out of the room. Haven't had time to buy any necessities and the village doctor husband and wife is a line on the resistance to disease. Visit, monitoring, diagnosis and treatment, on duty, they make my home with two children in the clinic, from then on, the two children can look forward to most is the middle of the night dad put them out. Dad, when can we go out to play during the day? The younger son asked. Wait for bad virus did not, vibrant when outside. Patriotic watching children naive eyes, cui said seriously.
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