During the outbreak of primary care will focus on online medical services

by:Celecare     2020-07-03
On April 3, resistance to disease second front opening! Grassroots medical institutions to push the service mode as soon as possible. On March 30th, hebei WeiJianWei, issued the notice on further strengthening the online medical service ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'notice') 。 During the outbreak, want to return to normal as soon as possible medical services, online medical service is necessary. By conducting consultation, booking online medical services, remote consultation, etc. , to meet the medical needs of the masses and reduce the outbreak of the impact of the medical institutions at all levels of medical service. In order to further strengthen the online medical service work, put forward the following requirements: 'notice' to carry out online during the outbreak of public health services, basic public health services can't stop, especially for the elderly and slow disease management and other services. 'Notice', stressed that the key to strengthen the management of the elderly chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, 0 6 years old child health management, school-age children immunization online services such as management. To strengthen the audit of patients with severe mental disorders disease report, data analysis and quality control, information management, accurate to do a good job of follow-up evaluation and classification of intervention. Innovative Internet mode, maternal and child health services for maternal health monitoring and management. To support the family doctor for signing residents provide health consultation, booking online referral, follow-up of chronic diseases, health management, prescription extension services. In disability disability, solitary elderly or guardian for emergency medical call system, security remote poor areas disability disability, solitary sick people get timely treatment. Online health education services such as the outbreak period although inconvenient field mission, but through a variety of Internet platform can still achieve health education, etc. Hebei encourage medical institutions make full use of Internet medical service platform, official website, the official new media platform, such as open clinic consultation, fast-track free online consultation, health assessment, health consultation and missionary work. Organizing experts to carry out online health advisory services, actively carry out health science and disease prevention and control knowledge lecture, to push the latest health assessment and diseases prevention and control knowledge. Make full use of radio and television, the media, a short video, online diagnosis and counseling service propaganda, let the crowd through online diagnosis and consultation, easy to understand their own health, in under the guidance of professional doctors a reasonable and orderly. Second class above medical institutions to common online services this year more than secondary medical institutions to conduct online services generally, this year to further improve online booking medical services, through the official website, hebei wisdom WeChat public health, such as a variety of channels, realize the time-phased booking diagnosis and treatment and centralized booking inspection, an accurate to half an hour, orderly and precise guide patients for medical treatment, effectively shorten the appointment was hospitalized waiting time. Vigorously promote intelligent DaoYi triage, waiting to remind, test results query, clinic and settlement, mobile payments and other online services. Encourages the hospital beds, ambulatory surgery, physical examination and consulting service booking. Remote medical treatment to the community, hospitals, village clinic extension to speed up the construction of provincial, city and county level 3 telemedicine integrated management and operation supervision system, promoting of couplet of telemedicine services covering the entire province all medical, and the community health service agencies, township hospitals and village clinics extends continuously, gradually establish a perfect functions, connectivity of remote medical service system. Within the county to implement at the grass-roots level, the superior diagnosis service mode. Support and encourage junior coalition built based on a province remote medical service network, specialist remote diagnosis center. Encourage support Internet hospital construction provincial health committee to build the province unified Internet medical services platform. Any medical institution should according to 'Internet hospital basic standard' requirement, ready to carry out Internet medical services building, equipment, facilities, the preparations for practitioners, rules and regulations, etc. After examination and approval on some common diseases, chronic diseases appointment service online, prescribe some common diseases, chronic diseases, set up electronic patient records and provide online check inspection results and data, diagnosis, treatment, prescription and medical record information services such as medical advice, building coverage before diagnosis, integration of online after the diagnosis, clinical medical service mode, continuously meet the demand of the masses of the people to see. Strengthen the regulation behavior of medical personnel qualifications, diagnosis and treatment of online medical service supervision, unlike offline, regulatory way need to pay attention to online physician qualification review and information data authenticity, security, etc. Around the 'notice' pointed out that each unit must be standardized in accordance with the law to carry out the online medical service work, strengthening the information infrastructure, data transmission and application service of information security reliable protection, regularly carry out hidden perils in information security, strict protection of patient information data security, user data, diagnosis and treatment. Should strengthen the medical personnel qualifications, diagnosis and treatment behavior, prescription flow, data security regulation, security online medical service specification and orderly. To do not conform to the requirements of the standard of diagnosis and treatment, consulting behavior for early warning and tracking processing, timely treatment of patients with adverse events and complaints, safeguard the rights and interests of public health.
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