During the outbreak of health violation behavior will immediately stiff penalties

by:Celecare     2020-07-03
On April 8, fight disease, health violation behavior will be immediately stiff penalties. 不。 Open a private clinic, was sentenced to six months and fined 3000 yuan, and a public apology, guiyang daily reported recently, the guizhou province renhuai court, in the form of remote session, heard three cases of illegal medical practice. After the trial, the local three open clinic, the defendant has not obtained the medical licensing private, was sentenced to six months, respectively, for the crime of illegal medical practice to a 10-month prison, fine, the court also sentenced to 3 the defendant in the media made a public apology. Among them, the last march, renhuai found in the inspection by the health administrative department, more than 30 years old Yuan Mou flat, in renhuai maotai his own home, for three villagers infusion treatment. Yuan Mou flat, however, did not obtain the 'practice license of medical institution', 'the doctor qualification certificate', 'the doctor's practice certificate' and so on. In September last year, Yuan Mou flat on suspicion of the crime of illegal medical practice, by police in renhuai initiate an investigation. March 24 this year, because the value of the new champions league pneumonia outbreak period, renhuai courts remote session, to detain Yuan Mou flat in jail, through remote video Chambers. Trial Yuan Mou ping said that after graduating from a school that had worked as an intern in the hospital, then work in a pharmacy for 10 years. Because of their hometown, the villagers to see the doctor the inconvenience this just opened a clinic for the villagers, but committed the crime. Court that Yuan Mou flat ACTS constitute the crime of illegal medical practice, and adopt the prosecution organ of sentencing suggestion and the opinion of the defenders, sentenced Yuan Mou flat 6 months in prison, fine of 3000 yuan, in the media made a public apology. Also in the same way, on the same day, renhuai court trial Yuan Mou respectively, puma, XXL illegal medical Yuan Mou puma sentence was sentenced to six months, and be fine 3000 yuan; Chen was sentenced to 10 months sentence, fine 3000 yuan. The court also sentenced two people make amends to the public through the media. 不。 2 health inspector high-pressure situation to unlicensed medical disease, visit without authorization will be given a heavier punishment war is not over, the movements of the health care industry has relationship with the evolution of the epidemic. This time, health supervision departments to crack down on unlicensed medical practice, illegal behavior will keep high pressure situation. All potential risk to the epidemic prevention and control work, should be in the face of the quick to investigate and punish strictly. Was fined 30000 yuan of illegal medical practice on February 18, 2020, health supervision and administrative law enforcement personnel to inspect a hospital in kunshan co. , LTD. , found a piece of XXX the clinic records of the day, and found that the patients in hospital fees system once the diagnosis and treatment of charges. Interior has a male doctor name of cao a, field failed to produce the 'physician qualification certificate', 'physicians practicing certificate'. According to the on-site inspection situation, the name of cao some behavior belongs to the physician practice, decided to give the name of cao in accordance with the administrative penalty of a fine of RMB 30000 yuan; At the same time shall be ordered to a hospital in kunshan co. , LTD. (make corrections within a time limit Immediately) To give the company warned that the administrative penalty of a fine of 23000 yuan. Without authorization, accepts is a case for investigation, the fine of $25000 recently, qilihe district, lanzhou city, gansu province health bureau comprehensive supervision and law enforcement by law enforcement officers in the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control special supervise, family members' hospital is located in lanzhou city qilihe district locomotive plant 4 areas bungalow someone to overcharge their patients. After verification, the place has not obtained the 'practice license of medical institution', the Yang a has not obtained the physician qualification and the physicians practicing certificate. The problems found, hygiene supervisors issued supervision opinions on the spot, it shall be ordered to Yang immediately stop practising activities, and posted an outlaw announcement at the gate. A has not obtained in Yang 'practice license of medical institution' 'the physician qualification certificate' and 'physicians practicing certificate without authorization behavior has been put on record for investigation of clinical activities, and confiscate the illegal income, medical devices, administrative penalty of fine of $25000. 不。 3 these behavior illegal grassroots doctors practicing medicine must be far away from the outbreak period, some do not obey the laws and regulations of health behavior, will bring huge potential risks to the epidemic prevention and control work, so the health surveillance authorities this period of time to unprecedented to strengthen efforts to crack down on unlicensed medical practice, etc. Including black clinic, roving doctor, medical, and with the help of false advertising, whoever impersonates, harm people's health and life security, the activities of illegal medical practice.
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