Doctors in this case report quickly! Otherwise the consequence is serious

by:Celecare     2020-05-10
Medical personnel pay attention to on December 5, encountered this kind of situation, don't hesitate, immediately report, more than 24 hours serious consequences! Released recently, the hainan WeiJianWei about clean from the interim provisions on the hainan province medical advice notice ( Hereinafter referred to as 'interim provisions') , to strengthen the integrity of medical and health personnel attitude construction, a series of regulations and penalties. 'Interim provisions relating to the mentioned medical and health personnel, including professional and technical personnel, management personnel and those logistics personnel. Medical and health personnel banned the interim provisions on the following six kinds of behavior that medical and health staff is forbidden to use the position to damage the interests of the state, society, institutions and mass, may not have the following: (6 kinds of behavior A) Claim, hint, accepting patients or in the name of all kinds of service objects of red envelopes, marketable securities, gifts and other property; ( 2) Accept medicines, medical apparatus and instruments, hygiene materials, logistics and production management enterprise or distribution personnel for cash, in the name of all kinds of gifts, all kinds of securities and other property, and the contribution of tourism, commercial entertainment places of entertainment, etc. ; ( 3) In medical treatment activity related units and clinical promotion agent fees charged, referral patient referral fee, order ( Including drugs, inspection, sanitary materials, etc. ) Royalty fees, promotion fees, etc; ( 4) To the patient, taking advantage of one's work or service object to promote health care products, selling health equipment, commodity, medicine and so on for profit; ( 5) As a pharmaceutical production enterprise and their agents for prescription statistics, sell or disclose medical information, solicit or accept property or other benefits; ( 6) There are other seek improper interests behavior. If there are any hard plug or in situations where you don't know the red envelope, what should I do? 'Interim provisions' made clear that medical and health personnel rake-off on red envelopes, he can't refuse, should report within 24 hours of this unit the discipline inspection departments or the specified acceptance department, unified handling by the unit; For overdue report, submit without good reasons, shall be regarded as accept red envelopes, kickbacks. Is verified result severity 1, if the license, expelled violation of these provisions, the medical and health personnel, are found, except over disciplinary gains by place unit and the health administrative departments dealt with according to the following conditions: ( A) No discipline income amount, have not caused harmful effects, giving critical education, admonishing the conversation; If the circumstances are relatively serious given disciplinary warning. To practice ( Including assistant) Physician, according to the provisions of the professional medical practitioners law article 37 give warning. ( 2) Disciplinary income amount ( Value) 5000 yuan or do not cooperate with relevant departments of the investigation and handling, give warning sanction; If the circumstances are relatively serious give demerits. To practice ( Including assistant) Physician, according to the provisions of the professional medical practitioners law article 37 shall be ordered to suspend practising activities under six months more than nine months. ( 3) Disciplinary income amount ( Value) And above, 10000 yuan and 5000 yuan, give a demerit punishment; If the circumstances are relatively serious pay lower post level or removed. To practice ( Including assistant) Physician, according to the provisions of the professional medical practitioners law article 37 shall be ordered to suspend nine months to a year of the practising activities below. ( 4) Disciplinary income amount ( Value) 10000 yuan of above, or if the circumstances are serious, Refers to refuses to correct, falsification, resisting the law enforcement, bad social influence, may or has caused serious harmful consequences, etc. ) Give expelled. To practice ( Including assistant) Physician, according to the 'professional medical practitioners law' the provisions of article 37 of the revocation of its practice certificate. ( 5) To agency ( Including the department, the department) Name to receive a red envelope, kickbacks, according to personal income amount for processing. For the organizers press agency ( Including the department, the department) From the total amount strictly processing. Take a red envelope, commissions and other 'two and above or ask for a red envelope, kickbacks strictly processing. In violation of these provisions, the communist party depends on the circumstances, in accordance with the regulations on the disciplinary action of the communist party of China and other relevant the rules give corresponding party disciplinary action. Suspected crime transferred to judicial organs shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. 2 limited, awards, titles, accountability, head of the medical and health personnel punished, disqualified from 2 years PingXian recommendation, shall not be recommended for various specialists, talent award title, 2 - depending on the plot Three years will not be accepted, high employment level for examination and assessment of professional technical position qualifications, 3 - Five years may not serve as professional standing above academic position; Stop practising penalties, reduce employment 3 - a professional technical position level For five years. Article 8 the lack of medical and health institutions, head of the department management and department personnel in violation of the provisions of this problems and has been verified, he shall be investigated for, head of the department of leadership. Medical institutions were superior departments agencies verify the violation of these provisions, the major issues involved or personnel ( Department) More, if the circumstances are relatively serious, resulting in adverse social impact or lack of investigation, it shall be ordered to make correction, and accountable medical institutions of the work style of the principal to build a clean government responsibility and supervision responsibilities.
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