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by:Celecare     2020-07-06
Since new crown pneumonia outbreak, some local medical resources strained condition, Internet medical industry by special air line for patients and doctors builds Bridges. Ping an good doctor doctor, clove, ali health, jingdong health + special medical platform are introduced, such as the Internet consulting online purchase, free clinic, medicine and other services, solved some patients by reasonable allocate health resources demand, bring convenience for patients. In reaction to the phenomenon, countries have issued a number of policy, boosting Internet medical development. After online visits help fight disease outbreak, places such as hubei wuhan medical resources nervous, increase in the number of visits demand for patients with respiratory diseases. A lot of Internet medical platform to open online free clinic. Since the outbreak, ping an good doctor visits amounted to 1. 1 billion times, the new user registration is 10 times higher than before the outbreak, average daily seeing nine times higher than before the outbreak. Spring rain doctors, almond penguin group, micro medical Internet general hospital, and other Internet medical platform on the number of user information and surge. On January 24th, ali health orientation in hubei area residents, in pay treasure clients online Internet doctor clinic service free of charge. Hundreds of the free clinic doctors from all over the country, more than 70% from respiratory and general practice. Online patient during interrogation has become epidemic prevention is an important form of access to health services, and national policy support. On February 3, national WeiJianWei office 'about strengthening informatization support new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work of the notice, actively organize medical institutions at all levels with the help of the Internet + to carry out the obligation of online consulting, in view of the new champions league pneumonia that occupy the home medical observation guidance and other services. In ali health clinic service 24 hours online, data statistics, more than 90% of the questions are mainly concentrated in the new crown pneumonia related prevention and control, etc. Except for new crown pneumonia medical consulting services, the notice also encouraged to conduct online part of the common diseases, chronic diseases, visit and drug distribution services, reduce other offline clinic patients with cross infection risk. Online to see the doctor also can submit an expense account during epidemic prevention, medical Internet plays a big role in common diseases, chronic diseases, diagnosis and treatment, as well as a supplement of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. But payment online after inquiring medicine health care, is always a difficult problem to the development of the Internet health care industry. On March 2, the national health insurance bureau, the national health committee jointly issued by the 'about promoting the new crown pneumonia during the epidemic prevention and control to carry out Internet + guidance of health care services, clear common diseases, chronic diseases patients in the Internet on medical institutions appointment can be in accordance with the rules for reimbursement. Internet prescribe electronic medical institutions to join people online, offline flexible dispensing various ways, ginseng protect people can enjoy the benefits of health insurance to pay. Health departments to strengthen collaboration with medical institutions such as the Internet, fee and expenses for medicine health care burden part directly online settlement, ginseng protect people like credit card to buy medicine in entity hospital, only pay part burden. The Internet in the provincial authority hospital in fujian province to carry out the pilot health electronic bill medicare online settlement services, make people never leave home can enjoy the health care reimbursement of medical services online. Shanxi Province proposed that has the qualification and conditions of drugstore that decide a dot can be according to the prescription of medical institutions information point to point for patients with door to door delivery of drugs. Shanghai, zhejiang, jiangsu, wuhan and other places have set up common diseases, chronic diseases on online appointment online purchasing medicine into the health care, and actively promote the Internet diagnosis and strengths, such as net book store send pattern. 'About promoting the new crown pneumonia during the epidemic prevention and control to carry out Internet + guidance of health care services is also proposed, fixed-point medical institutions shall establish and keep the electronic medical records for patients, the online electronic prescription, buy medicine record information, such as diagnosis, prescription, trade and shipping dates back all the way, realize the information flow, cash flow, logistics can monitor all the way, the patient can query online inspection results, diagnosis, treatment, prescription and medical records such as doctor's advice. High-tech injected new momentum Internet technology can assign special medical services not only in the online, online settlement and so on, form a unified national efficient healthcare information system, also bring good Internet health information technology service provider. On March 5, the central committee of the communist party of China, promulgated by the State Council on deepening the reform of medical security system of the opinions, put forward a high starting point to promote the standardization and informatization construction. Unified health care business and technical standards, the establishment of national unity, efficient, compatible, convenient and safe health care information system, implement the national health care information connectivity, strengthening orderly data sharing. Specification data management and application permissions, and shall protect the ginseng protect personnel to basic information and data security. Strengthen the development of big data, highlight the application guide and strengthen the service support functions, promoting equal health care for the public service. The epidemic prevention and control, public health and medical institutions platform data connectivity etc. There is room for further perfecting. Future national health care information system construction, public health service network construction, work efficiency of medical insurance payment mechanism construction is inseparable from the advanced information technology and the support of big data. With 5 g era gradually, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet, mobile medical technology provides the technical support for the development of medical Internet. At the same time, during the epidemic prevention policies also indicates the future development direction of Internet medical.
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