Docking DRGs. 19 subjects, 224 disease clinical pathway

by:Celecare     2020-05-11
On January 6 countries WeiJianWei medical hospital authority issued 'about clinical path (issued by the relevant diseases The 2019 edition) Notice. 'Notice' pointed out that according to the clinical practice situation and combined with medical progress, national WeiJianWei group of 19 subjects related diseases of clinical pathway was revised, formed 224 disease clinical pathway ( The 2019 version) The reference for clinical use. Among them, 19 subjects related diseases including: otolaryngology clinical path, path, orthopedic clinical pathway, respiratory disease in department of obstetrics and gynecology clinical pathway, oral medicine clinical pathway, urology clinical pathway, endocrine disease and metabolic disease clinical pathway, skin venereal clinical pathway, general surgery clinical pathway, neurosurgery clinical path, the kidney disease clinical pathway, digestive disease clinical pathway, pediatric medicine clinical pathway, pediatric surgery clinical path, the clinical pathway of cardiovascular surgery clinical pathway, cardiovascular system, thoracic surgery clinical path, blood disease clinical path, ophthalmic clinical pathway. 224 disease clinical pathway ( The 2019 version) ( China's pharmaceutical industry information center, a new drug monitoring database CPM can inquire the clinical path information) A clinical pathway is a comprehensive model about clinical treatment, guided by the evidence-based medical evidence and guidance, to promote the methods for the treatment of organization and disease management. Its core is to an illness or surgery involved key inspection, treatment, medication, nursing and other activities to standardize, and ensure that patients at the right time, right place to get a correct diagnosis and treatment services. Clinical pathway management work is an important content of reform of public hospitals, for regulating medical behavior, improve the quality of medical treatment, to control unreasonable medical expenses is of great significance. Since 2009, by commission issued by the 1212 clinical pathway, to promote the clinical pathway management, regulating the behavior of clinical diagnosis and treatment and to protect the quality of medical treatment has played an important role. With the photograph echo, DRG the core standards are introduced, equivalent to completed the top-level design and basic structures. On October 16, 2019, the national health insurance bureau released on the printing of disease diagnosis related group ( DRG) Paid national pilot notice specification and grouping scheme, which contains two important standards, respectively the national healthcare DRG grouping and technical specification for pay and the national health care DRG ( CHS - DRG) Grouping scheme '. 'Technical specifications' and 'the grouping plan is drawn up under the national unified guidance authority, professional standards, formed a national health care DRG ( CHS - DRG) The basic to follow. CHS - DRG became a national health care department implements the DRG paying only standard. As the CHS - DRG in the implementation of the national, DRG in the national push into the highway. In the selection of drugs, clinical pathway is involved in clinical promotion, product and accept degree is high, the product cost performance affects the use of drugs. Which is the core of the DRG implementation, clinical pathway management will promote the authors efficiency, bring the entire medical industry reshuffle.
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