Different drop negotiations message doubtful how to correct understanding of health talks?

by:Celecare     2020-07-01
Negotiations on November 13, 2019, national health insurance is coming to an end, means that the 2019 edition of national health insurance directory finishing, is a comprehensive building medical security system with Chinese characteristics, to promote the development of Chinese health care quality the important node. Because of the importance of the new medical insurance directory, makes health care and health talks this week, or even a long time the hottest topic in the medical industry, because it is not only a leading new health-care system with Chinese characteristics, more relationship tens of millions of patients in the treatment of choice. 2019 health-care negotiation process and characteristics of the 2019 national health care access negotiations process: the scene talks belongs to health care access process stage 4: health care party and enterprise party to carry out the negotiations, divided into several groups, and, determine the negotiation result negotiation group of randomly selected varieties, in principle, the competing goods in a set of negotiations, varieties of every 30 minutes, two offer opportunities. 1. Negotiation length from the solstice on November 11, 2019, on November 13, the health bureau and negotiation expert group is a huge test, need strict, in order to complete the negotiations for health care for three days. 2. Negotiation involves expert range due to the larger varieties more health talks, and in the implementation of the new health care system nodes, so for health expert level and range is increased. This in addition to clinical, pharmaceutical, drug economics expert, and calculates experts and local health negotiators, promote health argument is scientific. 3. Process is relatively strict from the organization process, combine the experience of many organizations, health bureau of the negotiations process is also relatively rigorous, confidential; Many media in health-care negotiation or not even aware of health-care negotiation has been started on the day. Doubtful information of the interpretation of the negotiations, not only affects the health care industry practitioners also attract the attention of hundreds of millions of people in China, in the era of information explosion, now we have a lot of information, also have some question, let's interpretation from the perspective of relatively objective: 1. Fell 5%, 50%, and the parties have different price scale there are varieties of classification, the health talk further to sign with the new varieties. First of all, further to varieties of main variety of negotiations for the last round of health care have reduce the price, if you want to enter the new medical insurance directory in the negotiations, you need to further determine the intention to pay the price, because these products experienced a price decline, the price ratio is relatively low. Second, new signing varieties belong to have clinical value and the price is higher varieties, the prices will drop is larger, at the same time also want to refer to the neighboring countries and the global price low, as a potential medical market, we want China to get the lowest price. 2. A business varieties, manufacturers have several on August 20, 2019 national health insurance bureau said in a briefing, the fitting into the negotiations are part of the varieties with high clinical value but expensive or fund influential patent exclusive varieties. Which emphasize negotiation is one of the barriers to entry into the exclusive or patent species, this also means that all varieties of negotiations should be for the exclusive varieties. Media reports a variety there are a number of manufacturers, is worth the reader. Even if health bureau into the exclusive varieties, in execution and its access to the tender also there is a huge challenge, remains to be seen health bureau announced the official results. 3. Varieties increased to 150 media reports the current varieties increased to 150, from the point of the latest official release information, to negotiate the number to 128, there is the difference between the 22. According to the medicine economic news release, 2017 - Calculated on common name in 2018, a total of 128 new drugs, 10 has special anticancer drug access negotiations in 2018, 18 new regular directory, 2019, 70 new drugs into this round of talks, 30 for access. During this period, the health bureau official species number has not been updated release to negotiations, can not true information, can the panel temporary increase innovation medicine access negotiations. So the question comes, how the entry criteria and the selection principle of new varieties is? 4. Tianjin, an enterprise's traditional Chinese medicine injection by 28% the same media reported that the specific reduction and amount of the enterprise, according to the medical insurance bureau signed confidentiality agreement process, only health bureau announced the official information after the enterprise can be released, if released in advance will be disqualified from health care access. How come this information, and is worth thinking about. Patent medicine enterprise access way through the clouds to see the sky, into the health insurance reimbursement directory for pharmaceutical companies in the countries all over the world are top priority strategy, to select good varieties of clinical value that enterprises access, and encourage urgent clinical needs varieties integrated access list need more factors. 1. Adds value to the access team with access to strategic importance to ascend, the enterprise needs to strengthen the layout of the access strategy from the aspects of architecture, especially for patent medicine enterprises, a number of patent medicine forthcoming, the rules, strategies and methods is very important. A multinational drug companies, for example, entry strategy, vice President of access strategy, access customer department, the central access department, local access and price team, system architecture will support the long term success of the enterprise access strategy. 2. Varieties of long-term access to important and not urgent we need to prioritize events, this applies in the strategic level. If you can advance to access product prioritization layout, based on the efficacy, safety, economic and applicable principles of evidence, to increase access to products. We have seen too many companies have good product, but do not have enough mining.
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