Defense under the State Council, spreading mechanism: cure the hospital patients with more than ten thousand people

by:Celecare     2020-06-26
As of February 16, 24, 31 provinces and xinjiang production and construction corps existing 57934 confirmed cases, including 10644 cases of serious illness case of illness. Cumulative cured cases, 10844 cases of hospital, cumulative death cases, 1770 cases, has reported 70548 cases of confirmed cases, the existing 7264 cases suspected cases. On February 17, the zone spreading mechanism at a news conference of the State Council, cure and progress in medical treatment are introduced. In addition to the hubei province, the national new confirmed cases of 115 cases, additional deaths in 5 cases, reduce the 29 cases of serious illness case of illness, increased the total number of confirmed cases have been falling for 13 days, new death cases remained at low levels. WeiJianWei state medical hospital authority ombudsman yan-hong guo, has 29 provinces and the army system sent more than 30000 medical personnel support, wuhan in hubei. Wuhan more severe patients, there is 1. 10000 severe medical professionals responsible for treatment, is close to 10% of the national severe medical staff. Zhong nanshan, lan-juan li, wang Chen three member of the team, to explore new treatment methods and techniques. In addition, it has mobilized the national emergency medical rescue teams and 22 3 P3 mobile laboratory. A total of 28 provinces more than 630 TCM hospitals, sent more than 3100 medical personnel support in hubei province. The state administration of traditional Chinese medicine department chief priests Jiang Jian introduction, zhang bl, huang lq, 8, kobayashi expert team, led by three academicians and four group of national medical team a total of 588 people to wuhan to carry out the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. To date, the participation of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of a total of 60107 cases of confirmed cases, accounting for more than 85. 2%. Hubei outside of participation in the cases of the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine cure the hospital and symptoms improved 87%. As of February 16, cure the hospital patients more than 10000 people. From the perspective in the time period to diagnose the patient is sick, the national average shortened to 4. 95 days, early detection treated early is an effective measure to improve the cure rate. Yan-hong guo said.
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