Defense under the State Council conference: spreading mechanism of severe cases accounted decline

by:Celecare     2020-06-26
As of 15 February 24, 31 provinces and xinjiang production and construction corps existing 57416 confirmed cases, including 11272 cases of serious illness case of illness. Cumulative cured cases, 9419 cases of hospital, cumulative death cases, 1665 cases, has reported 68500 cases of confirmed cases, the existing 8228 cases suspected cases. On February 16, the State Council zone spreading mechanism at a news conference, introduce the epidemic prevention and control work progress. As of 15 February 24, wuhan, hubei, national severe cases accounted for the proportion of the confirmed cases were significantly decreased, the wuhan intensive accounted for the proportion of the cases confirmed by the highest point of the January 28, 32. Volatility fell to 4% on February 15, 21. 6%; Other cities of hubei province intensive accounted for the proportion of the cases confirmed by the highest point of the 27 January 18. On February 15, 4% to 11. 1%; The severe accounted for the proportion of the confirmed cases in other provinces from their record highs on 27 January 15. On February 15, 9% to 7. 2%. These changes mean epidemic prevention and control effect has been all over the country, especially with the strengthening of national counterparts, medical support powers, according to the actual situation of hubei province to develop and carry out measures of prevention and control of the region and a solid classification centralized management, make a lot of mild cases get timely treatment, reduced to the possibility of severe cases, in order to improve the cure rate and reduce mortality laid a good foundation. National WeiJianWei spokesman, press and publicity department, deputy director of the rice feng said. National WeiJianWei bureau deputy director of CDC Zhou Yuhui introduction, since the new crown pneumonia outbreak, according to the decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council deployment, set up the defense from spreading mechanism, hubei wuhan as the key of the prevention and control work, to the spread of the epidemic chain as the key part of control, will the outbreak containment as a whole to work on the surface of the target, we formulated and implemented a series of prevention and control measures, including source control, interrupt transmission way to develop guidelines for the prevention and control, protection of vulnerable groups, and so on. Since the start of epidemic prevention and control work, nearly 4 million grassroots medical institutions of medical personnel in our country, including 1. 44 million in the village clinic staff, did it all out, qi, played a very important and unique positive role. Deputy director general of national WeiJianWei JiCengSi ZhuHongMing introduction, grassroots medical institutions and grassroots medical staff work mainly for three aspects: one is the medical institutions to do preview triage, isolation, referral, to carry out the normal diagnosis and treatment and so on work; Second, in the management of community participation in reseau and carpet, epidemiological investigation and analysis; 3 it is the mark for the good in road entrance, area.
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