Default village doctor allowance? Government: on December 10 must be corrected

by:Celecare     2020-07-06
Officials said Dec. 5: attaches great importance to the village doctor cash subsidy funds in full, rapid changes before the 10th of this month! Recently, the yunnan province people's government of the public on the rural doctors about subsidy funds allocated to the bulletin. Asked to be notified, more attention must be paid to the state and the municipal people's government of rapid improvement, ensure timely cash village doctor about subsidy funds. Rectification of on December 10, 2019 submitted to the provincial people's government. Village doctor public health, medicine subsidies to 0 in July, the national health committee, national health insurance bureau to strengthen the construction of rural doctors team video meeting. During the meeting, deputy director of national WeiJianWei Wang Hesheng stressed that to strictly carry out the basic public health and medicine zero rate subsidies. According to the conference spirit, some provinces and cities across the country had been on the treatment of rural doctors to carry out the situation of self-check. Said recently the government of yunnan province public a bulletin, as of October 30, there are still some states, the city is not full specified amount allocated to rural doctors about subsidy funds in a timely manner. Basic public health services in the subsidy funds in 2018: five counties and cities appropriated rate lower than 90%; Essential drugs subsidy funds in 2018: three counties and cities appropriated rate lower than 90%, one county deduction rate is 0. 00%; Basic public health services in the first half of 2019 subsidy funds: appropriate rate below 50%, 13 counties from one county rate is 0. 00%; Basic drug subsidy funds: in the first half of 2019 ten counties from rate below 50%, including four counties out rate is 0. 00%. Government: on December 10th rectification and pay in full in a timely manner for village doctor about subsidy funds quickly, that is to say subsidies village doctor not unreasonably withhold. Can be seen from the results reported, however, most of the counties and cities and can't ensure full specified amount, appear even allocated rate is 0. 00% of the time. Released recently, the yunnan province WeiJianWei 'further rectification of indifference to violate the interests of the publication of the work plan renovation items', rural integration management after, in towns and townships in principle to the rural doctors basic wage is not less than 1200 yuan/month, at the same time will not be less than 40% of the national basic public health service project tasks to the village doctor. Let the village doctor to undertake basic public health project, then the corresponding subsidy funds also need to keep up with, can't let the horse run and don't give the horse eat grass. According to the above situation, the government of yunnan province put forward two requirements: ( A) Be notified of the state and the municipal people's government, more attention must be paid to the rapid improvement, ensure timely cash village doctor about subsidy funds. Rectification of on December 10, 2019 submitted to the provincial people's government. ( 2) State, the municipal people's government should further raise awareness, to carry out the responsibility, comprehensive carding treatment problems in implementing rural doctors and ensure that all policies in place. Carefully carry out unstable factors screening, dissolve the contingent of rural doctors work, avoid mass incidents. Performance appraisal should be transparent, let the village doctor work pay in October this year, the People's Daily published an article 'the grant where articles, exposure, 6 million village doctor grant was frozen, carried on the thorough analysis to the village doctor income problem. Mentioned in the article, the relevant staff said many village doctor of public health service project in detail, the multiple projects workload is 0. We can see a problem, that the state of huimin policy and benefiting the people at the grassroots of fund is not in place. A grassroots health workers from heilongjiang Harbin told the author said, live more at ordinary times can understand, but sometimes not to use the basic public health work, causing fund waste, human waste. How to get the country issued by subsidies manage and use well, make village doctor work pay? The author thinks that, each district should be a clear set of subsidy funds management system, and transparency of the performance appraisal, to prevent a similar mass incidents from happening again. Village doctor, on the other hand, also need to improve work quality, have institutes, said part of the village doctor there is fraud, poor timeliness, and follow-up of quality is not high, the masses are not satisfied with work, and so on and so forth. However, as things look, village doctor diagnosis and treatment and public health mission is relatively heavy, the specific division of work and problems still need further discussion. Does not appear after may work to 0, subsidies do not emerge to 0. Village doctor policy implementation, the national open check shandong health news network reported, according to the general office of the national health committee on carrying out comprehensive health supervision work notice ', recently in Beijing health committee, deputy director of the medical administration medical tube place Luo Pei forest team line 2 people on behalf of the national health committee to donggang district supervision work in relation to the health. In sand hill village clinics, Luo Peilin, deputy director of the details about the clinic standardization construction and basic medical treatment, basic public health services, drug directory, signing the family doctor service condition, and communicating with the village doctor detailed understand clinic business income, rural doctors to inspection work was introduced in detail. A about rural doctors, it seems, subsidies and supervision of old-age security policy has been facing the whole country, hope that the spring of next year, village doctor to earlier.
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