Binzhou city 104 disqualified from basic medical insurance fixed-point medical insurance fixed-point institutions

by:Celecare     2020-07-04
On August 30, recently, according to a report in the public network, binzhou medical insurance bureau on the basis of 'agreement of binzhou city medical establishment that decide a dot of the basic medical insurance management implementation plan' and 'the binzhou medical establishment that decide a dot of insurance of primary medical treatment service agreement' and other relevant provisions, county ( City, area) Bureau to apply for, binzhou medical insurance bureau decided to lift and penang Yu Xueyong TCM clinic 104 health-care institutions of service agreement, cancel the qualification of the basic medical insurance fixed-point. With over 66 medical institutions, for outpatient service and private hospitals, clinics, community service center. An article in the health bureau said health care reform direction, in fact, not long ago, study times has published health bureau director hu signed article in the new historical starting point to promote health care reform and development '. For medical professionals, this paper reveals health-care reform several important direction in the future. Standardize the regulation. Treatment of medical treatment guarantee listing system, standardize decision-making authority, keep the policy. Consolidate combat fraud lie to protect high-pressure situation, realize the national fixed-point medical institutions and retail pharmacy complete coverage of supervision and inspection. Increase the spot check, flight check frequency, increase the intensity of public exposure. To carry out pharmaceutical enterprise accounting information quality special inspection, the sales link transmission regulation, provided a basis for overhaul flow chaos. Research on using medical insurance fund supervision and management regulations, and promote medical insurance fund supervision laws, administration according to law. Promote the reform of focus. Earnestly implement the comprehensive deepening reform committee meeting examined and approved the 'about governance reforms of high value medical consumables, strive to promote the reform of the ground, let the people see, affordable. Stick to bring procurement, to bring unity, on the basis of summarizing the experience in 4 + 7 pilot seriously, timely and comprehensive push national organization drug centralized purchasing and using pilot, lightens the burden of the masses for medicine. Actively promote pilot DRG paying countries, promote the rational allocation of medical resources, optimize the hospital management, regulating the behavior of diagnosis and treatment. We will deepen reform of the medical service price and promote medical service price dynamic adjustment mechanism, play a role of a good price lever. Raise the level of service. Accelerate the formulation of the main business information coding, form the national common language, built as soon as possible and compatible with the national unity, efficient, convenient, safe and health care information system. Perfect the long-distance medical direct settlement policy, continue to improve the online settlement rate directly. Beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta and other key areas long-distance medical outpatient fee settlement directly. Optimization of medical insurance fixed-point management services, support social do medical career development. Health bureau will influence China's health care, in fact, as early as in 2018 the State Council in March when the super-ministries reform plan, for WeiJianWei, health bureau of form and function, there is the personage inside course of study to see their profession analysis, the Chinese medicine will enter the age of a strong health care regulation, and will be more and more strict. First of all, after the reform, WeiJianWei will strengthen its industry regulatory functions, gradually weaken the access function of medical institutions. It would mean for hospitals, clinics will become increasingly easy, but to the regulation of the health committee will greatly strengthen self-defense, illegal cost will be higher and higher, the exit mechanism of medical market will gradually improve, some illegal medical behavior, or will have zero tolerance and heavy fines, the person that weigh was ordered to withdraw from the market directly. Second, miho unification and get medical service pricing and tendering of purchasing medical insurance bureau, to various medical institutions and doctors head wearing a cap, shifting and not only is the severe punishment afterwards, and real-time monitoring and prevention mechanism. Such as a doctor's prescription, the hospital diagnosis and treatment of path, etc. , will usher in health care regulation. A us scholar has admitted that the advanced medical system must be equipped with advanced and effective management system, otherwise the public hospitals and social do medical development could bring many problems, and even disastrous. Therefore WeiJianWei strengthen the regulation of industry, medical insurance bureau to good health purse, constraints, diagnosis and treatment behavior is the trend of The Times. In the above the industry point of view, these changes brought by the reform, actually is more in line with the health status and health department, also pave the way for medical health industry of the outbreak. Have the personage inside course of study thinks, to strengthen health supervision at the same time, relevant departments should reform the medical service price reform as soon as possible, and health insurance payment standard, real health mainly for medical staff paid labor, health by reasonable and lawful labor gain generous reward, rather than money and financial aid to policy-holder, all spent on medicines and consumables.
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