Big three formal notification, ban on proprietary Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine

by:Celecare     2020-07-08
On November 11, the big three formal notification, not a proprietary Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine is forbidden. Recently, the guangdong provincial people's hospital website published a titled 'letter' to the vast number of patients with friends notice, formal notification patients: the category of traditional Chinese medicine doctors cannot open Chinese traditional medicine. Notice shows that since November 1, 2019, the type of guangdong province people's hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, combine traditional Chinese and western medicine only doctors can prescribe Chinese medicine yinpian, proprietary Chinese medicine, the rest of the category of traditional Chinese medicine doctors cannot prescribe Chinese medicine yinpian, proprietary Chinese medicine. That is to say, according to the requirement of the people's hospital of guangdong province, western medicine is no longer allowed to prescribe proprietary Chinese medicine. ▍ proprietary Chinese medicine agent, difficult as we have learned, the guangdong people's hospital clinical key specialty, 34, a total of 12 countries key specialty of clinical medicine/science in guangdong province, is one of the largest comprehensive hospitals of guangdong province, is a domestic one of the largest and strongest comprehensive strength of the hospital, the door also er visits are among the best in the country. The hospital volume is so big, if cannot prescribe proprietary Chinese medicine, western medicine for a lot of Chinese traditional medicine enterprises especially for proprietary Chinese medicine products agents, is a huge blow and test. Some say a proprietary Chinese medicine, western medicine, this is China's unique phenomenon, but also reflects the patients demand of clinical application. Investigate its reason, mainly because most people think proprietary Chinese medicine mild, non-toxic side effects, sick sick, disease-free fitness, the proprietary Chinese medicine as a health care products, tiger balm. From the current ratio of proprietary Chinese medicine, and usage and use frequency, a lot of proprietary Chinese medicine in the clinical use of almost to the point of abuse. According to incomplete statistics, at present about 70% of the Chinese patent medicine is made up of general hospital of herb doctor, proprietary Chinese medicine clinical unreasonable utilization rate as high as 40%. Once the strict enforcement of do not conform to the requirements of cannot open proprietary Chinese medicine, western medicine will cut that part is not reasonable to use the drugs. Guangzhou local pharmaceutical agent liu told the blue parker, from August 21, guangdong WeiJianWei post, clearly want to use Chinese medicine yinpian and traditional norms, to now only less than three months, I didn't think policy so quickly fell to the ground. Guangdong province people's hospital now formally banned on proprietary Chinese medicine, western medicine would not rule out other hospitals will catch up later. She said, now the agent is looking for a variety of process, will try to stay away from proprietary Chinese medicine, it and formed a huge contrast. Who knows when all hospital executive cannot open Chinese traditional medicine, western medicine policy spotlight on varieties, everybody do not dare once was limited, agents should not only money under enormous pressure, but also affect the sales team. Visible, prescribe proprietary Chinese medicine hospital restrictions do not conform to the requirements of western medicine, in the short term for drug firms, especially the agent, or has a significant effect. ▍ billions of challenges and opportunities of market analysis points out, with the release of national policy and reform measures to further advance, transformation and upgrading of Chinese herbal medicine market in China will face huge pressure. In the future, clinical curative effect index will become the core of traditional Chinese medicine in clinical use. M Intranet to the general manager/chief researcher Zhang Buyong blue parker said that public hospital terminal market of more than $11000 in China, occupies 2. 3 trillion of the proprietary Chinese medicine market, is an important part of the market. Limit is not in conformity with the requirements of open Chinese traditional medicine western medicine, short-term market may be affected by Chinese traditional medicine, but we must see, national level is actually attaches great importance to the traditional Chinese medicine. The strategic plan for development of Chinese medicine ( 2016 - 2030) ', this paper puts forward a leading role in not cure disease of traditional Chinese medicine; From the health insurance directory adjustment, Chinese medicine to more varieties, and the number of varieties of health insurance directory proprietary Chinese medicine and western medicine is basically half half, also reflected the country's emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Western medicine by training, he thought, after assessment is eligible to open a proprietary Chinese medicine prescription, not a prescription, but hope to know more after western medicine through formal training prescription, more reasonable prescription, targeted to open useful proprietary Chinese medicine, less open or not open proprietary Chinese medicine didn't work for disease. In addition, there are traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) told the blue parker, traditional Chinese medicine prescription for patients is very strong pertinence, one side is characteristic of Chinese traditional medicine prescription. But of proprietary Chinese medicines are fixed, so a proprietary Chinese medicine can only apply to the component in the determination of drug, have a kind of mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine disease. The traditional Chinese medicine, he says, is the clinical use of proprietary Chinese medicine to sits right judgment to the pathogenesis of patients, and also by remembering many proprietary Chinese medicine attending disease pathogenesis, choose a suitable treatment of proprietary Chinese medicine, can achieve ideal curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine, it is not necessarily simple for TCM. Short-term training for western medicine, just want to let them correct issued by proprietary Chinese medicine, estimates that there are still some difficulty.
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