Big expert sinking small town - — Si county in anhui explore the Yangtze river delta provinces grading diagnosis and treatment

by:Celecare     2020-05-11
On December 12, if it weren't for Shanghai changhai hospital experts in, my mother go to Shanghai this ill cure, want to spend more than 10, ten thousand yuan. Suzhou city, anhui province si county town see a patient family member Su Yan d tells a reporter, mother Ma Hongmei waist swollen very serious, at the end of August rushed to si county people's hospital, diagnosed with left lower extremity deep vein thrombosis, left iliac vein compression syndrome, successfully cured, after reimbursement spent twenty thousand multivariate. In si county, lucky like Ma Hongmei patients is not alone. Si county, anhui province, in recent years, actively cooperate with Yangtze river delta belongs to large hospital, for the counterpart aid at the same time, explore the inter-provincial grading diagnosis and treatment. Since 2018, Shanghai changhai hospital counterpart support si county people's hospital, Shanghai changhai hospital many times sent the heart medicine, general surgery, urology and other dozens of experts into the si county people's hospital, and conduct regular routine diagnostic services. Si county as a way to begin to explore provinces grading diagnosis and treatment, to alleviate the crowd to see a doctor difficult see a doctor expensive problems. According to wen-wu liu, vice President of the si county people's hospital, Shanghai changhai hospital and si county people's hospital to carry out the counterpart support, si county county, more and more patients with serious illness on the hierarchical diagnosis and effective. According to statistics, si county people's hospital of total outpatient visits and hospitalization people rising. Throughout 2018, si county people's hospital outpatient service 430000, total diagnosis and treatment hospital patients. 4. 10000 person-time, expanded several times than in the past. With big hospitals in Yangtze river delta provinces grading diagnosis and treatment at the same time, si county also actively with anhui province provincial hospital hosted cooperation. According to introducing, si county maternal and child health care has been developed from anhui province maternal and child health care trust, si county hospital also has from the first affiliated hospital of anhui medical university hosting. In September, si county maternal and child health care has been listed in anhui province maternity and child care, si county branch in anhui province maternity and child care experts visit on a regular basis. Our equipment in recent years, the provincial maternal and child health care related department, also opened a characteristic postpartum repair department, to give birth to the number of women has been explosive growth. Dean chun-lan li si county maternity and children's health care centers in anhui province branch, told reporters that in the past, si county maternal and child health care only one or two children were born in one year, since let health care of women and children's custody in anhui province, the first half of 2019 hospitalized patients rose 49. 5%, delivery volume year-on-year growth of 116%, average monthly childbirth 30 newborns. Si county of more and more people feel the provinces concrete can solve the problem of medical treatment cost of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. Past some incurable diseases will go to jiangsu, Shanghai large hospital cure, can diagnose surgery at home now, really worry and save money. Su Yan d said. Across the province grading diagnosis and treatment, let the Yangtze river delta sinking to the small town, big hospital experts effectively meet the needs of the si county people's hospital. At present, it forms a first option at the grass-roots level in si county county, two-way referral, acute slow partition, the upper and lower linkage mode of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, we should try to be a serious illness that county, ailment that township, make people at home can enjoy the big hospitals of high quality medical resources. In si county WeiJianWei party member Wang Zuohua view, explore provinces grading diagnosis and treatment, not only provides a high quality medical service, si county people for si county hospitals has trained personnel. Big hospital experts came to si county, greatly improve the treatment level of the si county the critical and difficult diseases. Wang Zuohua tells a reporter, the next step, si county will grasp the historical opportunity, into the Yangtze river delta integration of sinking further promote the Yangtze river delta medical resources sharing.
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