Big data precision medical experts read - — Cancer can also be 'suit the remedy to the case'

by:Celecare     2020-06-04
On December 30, people are more likely to have cancer? What are the therapy to treat cancer, and how should prevent? Recently, the central discipline inspection commission website 'science and technology to the future' by state prison program invited experts read oxygen adaptation mechanisms of human cells and large data precision medical treatment, by netizens attention and debate. This year's Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine goes to the two American scientists and a British scientist, in recognition of their cell hypoxia perception and response in groundbreaking research. The study explained the mechanism of oxygen to adapt to the process of the most important thing in life, to fight anemia, cancer and many other diseases provides a new direction. What is cell hypoxia? In simple terms is cell oxygen supply. Like people out of breath after strenuous exercise, is a lack of oxygen. Show the guest in Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics big data precision medical high-tech innovation centre distinguished researcher associate research prologue is straightforward. Originally, won Nobel Prize three scientists study found that the oxygen content in the cell falls, hif ( 低氧诱导因子- 1) Will enter into the nucleus, just like a hand open erythropoietin, and vascular epithelial growth factor gene expression. When people all at low oxygen environment, nearly 5% of the genes in the body will be readjusted, it's a pretty big number. Associate research introduction, low oxygen is also linked with cancer cells. Under normal condition, oxygen and nutrients can't enter tumor cells, making it in a bad state of survival. If the cells to the low oxygen signal perception, may through the HIF - 1 the regulatory factors to open hypoxic reaction. Once released vascular epithelial growth factor in tumor, interior is likely to grow blood vessels, bringing oxygen and nutrients, take away carbon dioxide and metabolic waste, then the tumor becomes a malignant tumor can grow unceasingly. Associate research said. Cancer metastasis is also similar. Scientists have discovered that stimulate cell transfer and low oxygen signal. So it can be said that the cancer cells are the result of gene mutates, accumulating, and cancer are hundreds or even thousands of different gene mutations in the cancer cells of different conditions. Suit the remedy to the case of the reflection & middot; HuaTuoChuan ', but today scientists proposed precision medical are doing it. In the face of cancer, to do precision is very difficult, but still there. Leaves the participation of a foreigner leukemia treatment cases. Laboratory of a hospital in genome sequencing of the patient, found in a protein level can lead to abnormal protein expression of kidney cancer, and kidney cancer targeted drugs to cure leukemia. And that goes beyond the traditional treatment of inertia. Through the large data testing study of thousands of patients, different type of segmentation for cancer gene mutations, and then the data is applied to a particular individual patients, its belong to which a gene mutation, according to the specific circumstances give a precise treatment plan. Associate research explained that this is based on accurate medical data. According to introducing, at present the level of people in the laboratory to complete this work, the cost is still high, but not general hospital can do. But with the deepening of the research, the work is expected to become cheaper, more simple, let all cancer patients can enjoy. Associate research says that when based on big data precision medical real into the ordinary people, people's health can be improved significantly, and was called the king of all the disease of cancer may really can be overcome.
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