Beijing medical institutions increased by more than 180 times every one thousand people with physicians from 1 to 5

by:Celecare     2020-06-01
On September 6, the Beijing municipal commission of health inspectors, jung, a spokesman for is high in the conference held in today, medical and health institutions of Beijing from 1949 in 61 to 2018 in 11100 ( The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine class 1164 of them, not public, 5097) , an increase of 181 times; Data from 3001 to 12. 40000 pieces, 40 times growth; Increased from 4218 to 28 health technical personnel. 20000 people, 66 times growth; Every one thousand people with physicians from 1 to 5. Residents health indicators to improve he said at the news conference, the per capita life expectancy by the liberation of the early 52. Growth in 2018 to 82 at the age of eight. 2 years old, and infant mortality rates by 118 & permil; Down to 2 & permil; , the maternal mortality rate dropped from of 700/10 to 10/10, up to the level of the high-income countries. In 2018, the accessibility of health service and the quality index ranking the first in the country, among the global 195 countries and regions in the 21st. Continue to promote health care reform since 1992 to launch the let go of expert outpatient service, make an appointment of medical health system reform, was established in July 2011, the hospital authority in Beijing, 22 hospitals implement standard management of city. In 2012 five hospitals to carry out the pilot reform, opened up the nation's public hospital reform. In 2013 medical couplet body construction as the breakthrough point to promote grading diagnosis and treatment, have been completed 59 of couplet of couplet of comprehensive medical and 8 junior medical, cooperative medical institutions, 730. In April, 2017, 3700 medical institutions as a whole separate implementation of medical reform, cancel the drug addition, set up the medical service, and price adjustment of 435 item of medical service project, the synchronous adjustment of health care and medical assistance policy, for two years, save medical costs more than $35 billion. June 15 this year, the implementation of medical consumption linkage comprehensive reform, cancel the medical consumables addition, adjust the specification 6621 item of medical services. Through the reform and improvement, regulatory, security, the combination of the grading system basic establishment, grassroots medical people rise in 28 months in a row, a good change, income structure of medical institutions in medical drugs and to raise the medical consumption in Beijing has gone. Promote the rural medical and health services all cover in the 1950 s, was established in urban and rural medical institutions, through the site, visits and other ways to promote a complete coverage of rural medical and health services. In the country take the lead in the implementation of rural doctors in 2007 old-age insurance and basic welfare policy, further improve the rural doctors treatment policy in 2016, 40 years in 2019 to work in the country with 2667 village doctor condolences to praise. To promote the family doctor service pattern of Beijing has built 2079 with basic medical treatment, prevention, health care, health education, rehabilitation, family planning technical guidance function of community health service institutions. In 2010, in the country take the lead in exploring the family doctor service mode, the pilot in 2018 to promote home medical wisdom, signing for residents to provide health management. The family doctor service team, set up 4100 community signed up 7. 4 million people. To carry out the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine in 1956, Beijing hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, was established in 1988, the Beijing administration of traditional Chinese medicine, by the end of 2018, the city has 1 TCM physicians. 950000 people, the Chinese medicine class 2 beds. 490000 pieces, the secondary set above the public comprehensive hospital of traditional Chinese medicine clinical departments, all community health service centers were built museum of traditional Chinese medicine. Inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine work, national physician master of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the national tradition studio has 10, 3 respectively, the old traditional Chinese medicine and base of the old Chinese medicine experts inheritance studio 62. To carry out the health support Beijing to 16 provinces ( Autonomous region) To carry out the health poverty alleviation and counterpart support. An accumulated since 1995 assistance to Tibet, xinjiang, youth cadre group of nearly one thousand people, and to help set up the yushu prefecture mental diseases hospital, built 3 armour hospital help Lhasa city people's hospital. In addition, since 1968 to form a first aid medical team, accumulated to guinea, burkina faso, Libya and other 11 countries and regions sent aid medical team 51 of 968 person-time, guinea medical team in west Africa in the fight against ebola made outstanding contributions, won the award for the United Nations south-south cooperation.
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