Beijing medical consumption linkage of reform the initial minimum medical fee increase for 15 years

by:Celecare     2020-06-27
On December 20, the reporter learns 19 from Beijing health select committee, Beijing medical consumption linkage comprehensive reform this year, on June 15, 6 medical costs are in the same period of last year. 2%, this time all expenses, hospital patients expenses growth respectively 0. 9%, 2. 6%, the lowest cost growth in recent 15 years a time. Beijing WeiJianWei officials said, according to the total drop rise, structural adjustment, the principle of stability control, Beijing specification adjusted 6621 medical services. Since the reform, the traditional Chinese medicine, pathology, rehabilitation, mental, surgical treatment, and other technical growth of labor income accounted for 2. 1%. Inspection, meanwhile, income, health materials and medicines accounted for by 1. 7%. According to introducing, the Beijing municipal grading diagnosis and treatment for good. According to the monitoring, a growth in the past medicine comprehensive reform separately er visits the city gate 2. 1%. Among them, the level of growth in 40 hospitals and community health service institutions. 4%, 3 secondary hospital growth. 3%, down 5 tertiary hospital. 4%. Grassroots MenZhenLiang has 32 consecutive months increase higher than the secondary and tertiary hospital, outpatient service to shunt the good momentum of the grassroots agencies, grassroots ZhenLiaoLiang this year is expected to net increase of more than 7 million people than last year. The controller introduces, the implementation of comprehensive reform, the medical consumption of linkage 3700 er visits medical institutions have finished door of more than 100 million people, nearly 2. 5 million hospital visits. Reform of the overall smooth and orderly, in line with expectations, the public medical institutions public welfare was strengthened. In charge of Beijing municipal health bureau said that Beijing continues to promote beijing-tianjin-hebei heart stent six types of medical consumables such as joint procurement, prices fell by about 15% on average; Centralized purchasing drugs 25 countries prices by an average 52%, is expected to save drug costs throughout the year more than 1. 5 billion yuan. Beijing WeiJianWei officials said, the future will further deepen the reform, solicit opinions from citizens in the process of a doctor the doctor advice, continue to improve the medical service, make the people have more sense.
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