Beijing medical consumption linkage of first: tertiary hospital medical expenses growth fell back

by:Celecare     2020-06-27
On July 18, the Beijing municipal health committee said Sunday, June 15, since the formal implementation of comprehensive reform, the medical consumption of linkage of Beijing medical costs 5 year-on-year growth. 2%, the overall changes smoothly. Among them, the growth of the third class hospitals 5. 4%, than before the reform from January to may, on average, eight. The 8% fall. According to introducing, the medical consumption linkage synthesis since the reform and the implementation of one month, five tertiary hospitals of Beijing medical expenses growth. 4%, 3 secondary hospital growth. 1%, the level of growth in 5 hospitals and community health service institutions. 5%. From the structure of traditional Chinese medicine, surgery, and so on technical service revenue growth than 1. 9%, than falling test accounted for 0. 2%; From the cost, this time both cost 0. The cost of 1%, the hospital patients 1. 1%. LeiHaiChao, director of the Beijing municipal health committee, said the medical consumption mechanism of comprehensive reform makes the medical consumable price sales ceased to exist in Beijing. By standardizing medical services price adjustment and the relationship between medical services price comparison, to better reflect the medical staff technical labor value. It is understood that since a month, close to 3700 by reference to medical institutions of Beijing more than 1800 er visits door, discharge quantity more than 40 people. Among them, the growth of er visits tertiary hospital door. 1 4%, secondary hospital growth. 1%, the level of growth in 9 hospitals and community health service institutions. 3%; In addition, this time all medical institutions and hospital patients health material cost reduce 6 respectively. 2% and 3. 4%, secondary and tertiary hospital health material costs accounted for slope of 20%. LeiHaiChao said that Beijing has realized the 27 consecutive months basic ZhenLiaoLiang growth significantly faster than two tertiary hospitals. Medical consumption linkage comprehensive reform, the medical institution structure change classification diagnosis and guidance services. It is understood that the current medical consumable joint procurement beijing-tianjin-hebei heart stent has been completed and so on six kind of consumables procurement, prices fell more than 15% on average, can cut down the cost of medical consumables of about 500 million yuan a year. In addition, Beijing already carry out the policies of the national drug centralized purchasing and using pilot, 25 national drug centralized purchasing price was reduced by 52%, has now completed the purchase quantity of 62% this year, drug cost can be saved by the year 1. 5 billion yuan of above. Beijing health committee, said the medical consumption linkage comprehensive reform to implement only a month, medical institutions and patients behavior is still in the adjustment of change, the change of the current statistical index is still preliminary phenomenon, remains to be seen. The future will further strengthen the monitoring and analysis, and take effective measures to ensure the reform smoothly and orderly.
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