Beijing health care show results: hierarchical diagnosis and treatment effect is good technical labor value

by:Celecare     2020-07-12
On December 19, Beijing medical consumption linkage comprehensive reform this year, on June 15, 3700 medical institutions have finished door er visits more than 100 million people, nearly 2. 5 million person-time discharge. Among them, the grassroots MenZhenLiang has 32 consecutive months increase higher than the secondary and tertiary hospital, presents the outpatient service to the good situation of grassroots organization; Technical services value, short support plate discipline. This is the reporter learns from a conference held today. Classification and treatment effect of jung continued good health committee, a spokesman for Beijing is high in the conference, said Beijing medical consumption linkage comprehensive reform this year, on June 15, the overall smooth and orderly, in line with expectations, the response is good. He introduces, a growth in the past medicine comprehensive reform separately er visits Beijing door 2. 1%, among them, the level of growth in 40 hospitals and community health service institutions. 4%, 3 secondary hospital growth. 3%, down 5 tertiary hospital. 4%. Grassroots MenZhenLiang has 32 consecutive months increase higher than the secondary and tertiary hospital, outpatient service to shunt the good momentum of the grassroots agencies, grassroots ZhenLiaoLiang this year is expected to net increase of more than 7 million people than last year. At the same time, the hospital service is to concentrate in tertiary hospital, tertiary hospital discharges rose 16 before a separate medical comprehensive reform. 8%, the growth of secondary hospital. 7%, basic level hospital stays the same, the amount of hospital outpatient medical institutions at all levels and structure change in the direction and demand of hierarchical diagnosis system construction. Medical expenses to get to 2017 Beijing medicine separate control comprehensive reform, have grown by 8% to control medical expenses. High small joon said in June this year the implementation of comprehensive reform, the medical consumption of linkage 6 medical costs are in the same period of last year. Growth rate of 2%, and the coordination of economic and social development to further improve, this time all expenses, hospital patients expenses growth respectively 0. 9%, 2. 6% ( No change in real terms) , it is nearly 15 years since the cost of the lowest growth period, Chinese medicine hospital outpatient and patient with consumables and inspection percentage decline. Cancel the consumables bonus after saving cost 1. 1 billion yuan. Medical service compensation structure continuously optimize medical consumption linkage comprehensive reform is 2017 Beijing medicine separate consolidation of comprehensive reform, the reform mainly bonus to cancel the medical consumables and standardize the medical service project as the key point, synchronization to strengthen the supporting function of basic medical security system, synchronization to improve medical services. High small joon said, according to the total drop rise, structural adjustment, the principle of stability control, project specification adjustment 6621 medical services. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, pathology, rehabilitation, mental, surgical treatment, and other technical labor income share has increased by 2. 1%, the implementation of the new project is conducive to standardize service, ensure the quality of service. Inspection, meanwhile, income, health materials and medicines accounted for by 1. 7%. The reform project specification adjustment for more than 5000 surgery, medical personnel technical services value, especially difficult surgery technology labor value be more fully reflected. Beijing municipal health bureau spokesman said du, since the reform and operation cost to total cost ratio has risen by 0. 8%. In addition, pathology, spirit, weak short subjects such as rehabilitation through this reform has also been strong support, cost of adding 0 respectively. 3%, 0. 2% and 0. More than 1%, medical treatment charge material consumptions, less manpower status began to improve, medical treatment charge structure was further optimized. Medical consumables jung joint procurement effect is high, said Beijing actively yet prudently national drug centralized purchasing and using pilot implementation, centralized purchasing drugs 25 countries prices by an average of 52%, has finished ahead of annual purchase target, is expected to save medical costs 1. 5 billion yuan a year. In beijing-tianjin-hebei medical consumables joint procurement, involving heart stents and so on six big classes, prices fell by 15% on average, a year can save material cost 5. 500 million yuan. Continue to improve the medical service is worth mentioning that Beijing continues to improve medical services. High small joon is introduced, such as community health service institutions issued five kind of slow disease such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, high blood pressure, long-term prescriptions a month or two months more than 20000 copies, to carry out the inspection results online query service, welcomed by residents. Establishment of national and municipal key specialty basic clinical service, 178, 168 community health service center provides online inspection results query, there are 319 community health service centers offer a variety of online payment services. Tertiary hospitals to increase the number of visits the doctor in the afternoon, alleviate the pressure of the clinic on the inside and outside hospital order problems caused in the morning. Beijing municipal bureau of statistics, according to data from 94. 4% residents to support the medical consumption of linkage, a comprehensive reform of 84. Satisfied with 9%, 77. 8% thought burden, 78. 2% felt material inspection costs decline, 88% said the medical service has improved, 97. 3% think that fees can afford. In the aspect of clinic medical institutions will, 42. 4% patients to choose primary care services, 39% selected tertiary medical institutions, patients for the first time the grassroots organizations as the preferred treatment, show that people trust to strengthen grass-roots health services, strong basic policy received good results. High small joon stressed that the medical consumption linkage comprehensive reform implementation, realized the public milestones, implements hierarchical diagnosis system construction requirements, the aim of improving the medical service, promote the medical institutions by the efficiency of resource consumption scale expanding connotation to the quality of intensive development mode change, the future will further improve the medical service, strengthening the medical services of public welfare.
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