Beijing encouraged doctors full-time or part-time clinic was set up

by:Celecare     2020-07-12
On August 6, a few days ago, Beijing WeiJianWei, city development and reform commission, the city finance bureau, the city human social security bureau, the municipal medical insurance bureau jointly issued by the clinic in Beijing to promote the development of the implementation of the pilot scheme '( Hereinafter referred to as 'scheme') , put forward the next two years in the city's chaoyang district, haidian district, changping district, daxing district to carry out the pilot work, promote the development of clinic according to the experience of the pilot to improve the construction and management of the clinic. Beijing youth daily reporter noticed that encouraged in the five years of practice of a medical institution, obtains intermediate and above titles qualified physician, full-time or part-time specialist clinics, encourage the signing the family doctor service. At the same time, the clinic service price implement independent pricing. Encourage the clinic medical couplet body construction according to the plan, before the end of September this year, the wrong testing clinic Settings planning restrictions, change the clinic access by the examination and approval system to records management. City and testing to the application for registration by the administrative department of health clinic for review, from the key audit based on the hardware facilities, such as adjusting focus on the review of physician qualification and ability, at the clinic, Excluding clinic of traditional Chinese medicine) Practicing physicians to qualify as intermediate and above titles. Encouraged in the five years of practice of a medical institution, qualify as intermediate and above titles of the physician, full-time or part-time specialist clinic was set up. Encourage qualified general practitioner, or general practitioner practice range of specialist, full-time or part-time general clinic was set up. Solution is clear, the testing health committee in the process of the construction of regional medical couplet body, according to the clinic will, be included in the medical couplet body construction. The end of March 2020, the testing included in the scope of jurisdiction of couplet of medical clinic should be not less than one, and in the clinic and cooperative medical institutions to establish a two-way referral system. Led the unit should combine the actual, each specialized subject of couplet of medical clinic should be brought into the scope of member units, help them enhance the level of medical services. Encourage more than secondary hospitals in medical couplet body, basic level medical institutions and medical inspection center of independent setting institutions, establish collaborative relationship with clinic. To scale, collectivization development of scheme also supports the clinic. Encourage different specialist doctors in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state, set up appropriate scale of partnership group, held joint specialist clinic. Encourage chaining, collectivize clinic run by social forces, form the standardization, standardization of the management and service mode. Encourage clinics signing the family doctor service scheme to encourage all the testing of government purchasing service, will be eligible to clinic in sign can provide the family doctor service scope of medical institutions, signed by providing personalized service, meet the health needs of the residents of multi-level and diversification. By the end of June 2020, the testing health committee should identify at least a clinic, family doctors to sign can be included in the service scope of medical institutions. All testing are to strengthen the clinic provides contract service quality evaluation. Pilot program is clear, also encourage the testing way of government purchasing service, guide the clinic to provide basic medical and health services. To promote the development of the clinic full-time physicians professional, full-time on the practice of the clinic physician to declare when senior titles, can be in accordance with the relevant health professional and technical personnel at the grass-roots level to the city title appraisal policy implementation. Establish clinic physicians professional attributes and full-time positions embody characteristics of technical title evaluation standard, foreign language result is not as a condition of declaration, the thesis does not make hard and fast rules, scientific research and so on, focusing on the evaluation of the common disease, frequently-occurring disease diagnosis and treatment, nursing, rehabilitation and other clinical work ability and service quality. Clinic medical service implements the independent pricing according to the pilot program, implements the independent pricing clinics to provide medical service price. At the same time, to establish a health care medical establishment that decide a dot dynamic management mechanism, etc. In regulatory plan calls for clinic set up information system record diagnosis information, and shall, in accordance with the administrative department of the municipal health regulations and standard requirements to submit the information and upload the diagnosis and treatment. Each testing health committee to incorporate the clinic medical quality control system. Health care departments should strengthen the supervision and management into the medical insurance fixed-point clinic, to the fictional medical services such as malicious diddle medical insurance fund, shall cancel the insurance agreement. We will improve the mechanism of punishment clinic information and bad behavior records, will record information recorded information platform, and clinic Settings, legal representative and the principal information associated with it, and China unicom and credit system, as the basis of the relevant departments to conduct joint punishment. Plan also demanded that the clinic to take various measures to guarantee medical quality and safety, including strengthening the medical technology and hospital infection management and rational use of drugs, etc. In addition, the clinic will strengthen the doctor-patient communication, respect for patients' right to know, to protect patient privacy.
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