Beijing basic medical institutions to achieve by the end of mobile payment

by:Celecare     2020-06-01
On August 22, in order to further improve the basic medical and health institutions, medical services, enhance the masses get feeling, city WeiJianWei released by the grassroots medical institutions to improve the medical service measures. This year, the community medical institutions will take various measures, convenient residents to see a doctor. Before the end of December, the city's grass-roots medical institutions will be realizing a complete coverage of mobile payment. For 65 years and older to the old man can provide door-to-door service, this year, the city of grassroots medical institutions will sign for service connotation, rich family doctor for over 65 years old and can provide door-to-door health physical examination, health guidance in the elderly health management services, such as for disability elderly family members to carry out emergency first aid knowledge and skills training. Before the end of the year, the move to more than 90% of the population. In order to let people at home to enjoy the high quality specialized services, couplet of grassroots medical institutions will be based on the existing medical cooperation relations, selecting suitable clinical key specialty project and service sinks at the grass-roots level, meet the demand of residents at home to enjoy the high quality specialized medical services. Before the end of September, the city will be in at least 100 grassroots medical institutions to establish clinical key specialty service point. See a doctor to medical institutions and the people will inevitably make all kinds of inspection. This year, the grassroots medical institutions to carry out online community health service institutions inspection results query service, promoting residents' health management. The move will take the lead in xicheng district, chaoyang, daxing district, changping district, such as area to carry out the pilot, in December will be promotion in the city by the end of the month. Convenient for rural residents of mobile hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, this year to 80 administrative villages carried out at least once a week inspection service, to realize rural basic medical services, a complete coverage of basic public health services. The city end of grassroots medical institutions to implement mobile payment at present, the city basic medical and health institutions of medical services is relatively complete, but some of the basic medical and health institutions not to open surgery, before the end of September this year, all the community health service centers and towns and townships will improve the basic medical services, provide patients with bandage, treatment and other appropriate surgical technical services. Today, mobile payment has become a lot of people pay when first choice, for the convenience of settle accounts of expense of residents, and health department requires 12 at the end of this year the city's basic medical and health institutions should provide WeChat, pay treasure to third party mobile payment service, convenient implementation and settlement. Add 17 strengths drug quantity signing this year for the convenience of residents, the city of grassroots health institutions also expanded the strengths disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should be brought into the strengths party management, increase the quantity of 17 kinds of strengths party drugs, for eligible patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with the longest do not exceed a month dosage strengths party service. Because many patients grassroots medical institutions are in a big hospital patients, for the convenience of the residents, couplet of grassroots health institutions to strengthen the medical drug in patients with chronic diseases cohesion, community health service institutions drug registration service demand, continue to turn the patients medication orders, secondary and tertiary medical institution provide prescription for service, meet the demand of medicine. Appointment referral, in addition, for the convenience of signing residents within the core of the hospital medical couplet body implement priority to reserve at the grass-roots level, source, specialty of couplet of medical core hospital related specialty leave 30% source to cooperative medical institutions such as policy, in the community health service institutions shall provide residents signed with secondary and tertiary medical institutions to make an appointment and referral services.
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