Beijing adjust 48 medical service price since August

by:Celecare     2020-07-17
Yesterday, July 30, the Beijing youth daily reporter learned from the municipal medical insurance bureau, from August 1, combining the reality of medical services in the city, will be to adjust some of the medical service price project specifications. It is understood that the adjustment of involved 48 medical services, including oropharynx foreign bodies, limb vein incision should, whole lung lavage, etc. City health bureau stressed that the relevant medical institutions shall, in accordance with the relevant requirements, timely repair and maintenance of information system to update and price of the public and other related work. It is understood that the adjustment is in order to do a better job of medical service prices and project management, according to the requirements of the relevant documents, the need to clear the contents of the policy revision and specification, to improve in time and to dynamically adjust the medical service price policy. North green news reporter saw, adjustment of project except connotation, content, price, health care category, the category of inductrial injury insurance, gives a clear specification. As limb vein incision should, including disinfection shop towels, skin incision, free vein, intravenous heparin anticoagulation, blocking and cut vein, squeeze the distal limb or take chuan chuan catheter, flushing, vein of suture, thorough hemostasis after placement of drainage, such as closing the wound, price regulation is 3279 yuan, belong to a class health care category. Like artery high pressure injection project, the price regulation for 10 yuan, including the angiography catheter quasi imaging artery to the site, application of high pressure injection pump for angiography; Guide tubes connect pressure monitoring, measurement, the pressure in the arteries, when necessary in certain parts of blood for blood gas analysis. Excluding arteriography, guardianship, imaging guide ( DSA guide) 。 Also belong to a class health care category. Act like a microscope on shallow neoplasm resection, price regulation is 3008 yuan, the service refers to the glioma, brain metastases, gliosis, meningioma. Services include the top frame, disinfection shop towel, cut skin, bipolar hemostatic, gas drilling or drill skull drilling, milling cutter to remove bone flap, additional head, cut open the dura mater, microscope exposed and removal of the tumor, the line according to the situation of ultrasonic attract, stop the bleeding. When it is necessary to place drainage device, bone flap restoration, stitched and bandaged. Not including navigation, nerve electrophysiological monitoring, intraoperative ultrasound monitoring, ultrasound. In addition, the clear, the closure can charge consumables for surgery, but limit the scope of charge, congenital heart disease surgery when using fee only. Related news Beijing will add 331 medicare drugstore that decide a dot yesterday, the Beijing municipal health bureau announced that apple orchard street apple orchards four area determine the Beijing city community health service stations and other 32 medical institutions and big pharmacy chain co. , LTD. Beijing peace chains such as 331 retail pharmacies in Beijing basic medical insurance management, the medical establishment that decide a dot agreement signed the medical establishment that decide a dot of insurance of primary medical treatment service agreement and designated retail drug store of insurance of primary medical treatment service, since August 5, 2019 to ginseng protect personnel to provide basic medical insurance service. We have learned, since 2017, Beijing started large-scale layout drugstore that decide a dot, before the scale from the shortage of the hundreds of more than 800 development until now. From the list you can see, the new 32 medical establishment that decide a dot is basically community or pension institution infirmary, in miyun, tongzhou, regions such as well. It is important to note that the 331 retail pharmacies should be brought into the fixed point and scale is quite large. In fact, before 2017, Beijing drugstore that decide a dot is only 97, but since 2017, Beijing began large-scale retail pharmacies layout, before the recruiting blood, the scale of the drugstore that decide a dot is nearing 500. On the published list you can see, the addition of drugstore that decide a dot in chaoyang, haidian, fengtai district, give priority to with chain pharmacies, including high, big pharmacy, DE wei hong pharmaceutical chain, jia hall pharmaceutical industry, etc. According to understand, for declaration of retail pharmacies, considering factors such as population distribution, people buy medicine demand, as determined in principle between the designated retail drug store requirement has more than 350 meters into the distance. The same condition, the pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises run directly unicorporated stores and operating time of elderly is preferred. At the same time, must be the registered address business more than 5 years in a row, has a stable management place, business premises use rights or the rest of the leasing contract effective date should be in 3 years. Want to buy medicine pharmacy can provide 24 hours service, and has obvious marker of nighttime medicine and medicine window. It is reported, ginseng protect personnel outside the drugstore that decide a dot to show with the prescription and the social security card, can be like in the fixed-point hospital card settlement in real time.
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