Beijing: 27 months in a row that grassroots ZhenLiaoLiang growth faster than the secondary and tertiary hospitals

by:Celecare     2020-06-27
On July 17, 18, reporters learned from the Beijing WeiJianWei that separated from Beijing in April 2017, the implementation of medical reform, level hospitals and community health service institutions ZhenLiaoLiang growth has 27 consecutive months significantly faster than the secondary and tertiary hospitals, patients with shunt to basic medical and health institutions accumulated more than 20 million people. It is understood that in the past one month, for example, growth of er visits Beijing tertiary hospital door. 1 4%, secondary hospital growth. 1%, the level of growth in 9 hospitals and community health service institutions. 3%, consecutive 27 months ZhenLiaoLiang growth significantly faster than the secondary and tertiary hospital, one, two, tertiary medical institutions ZhenLiaoLiang change classification diagnosis and orientation. LeiHaiChao, director of the Beijing municipal health committee, said Beijing medicine separate comprehensive reform has achieved remarkable achievement, cancel the existence of more than 60 years of drug addition mechanism, hierarchical diagnosis system construction breakthrough, grassroots medical and health services increases significantly. On this basis, the Beijing started on June 15, 2019 medical consumption linkage comprehensive reform, as deepening the reform, then action. Along with the advancement of reform, improve service ability of the basic medical institutions. Beijing to provide convenient service of grassroots medical institutions also continues to increase. 337 community health service centers in Beijing, has established a national municipal key specialty basic service point of clinical 46, 234 can provide secondary and tertiary medical institutions to make an appointment service, 267 can provide mobile payment and settlement services.
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