Batch on-line! 'The Internet hospital' construction boom

by:Celecare     2020-05-19
On March 2, a number of public hospitals to the Internet! Recently, the Shanghai debut public hospital hospital licence - Internet - - - - - - Shanghai xuhui district central hospital cyrtomium rhizome Internet hospital approved. This symbolized the licensed Internet medical practice in public hospitals. Surge, according to news reports, Shanghai sixth people's hospital, Shanghai children's hospital, and a number of medical institutions in Shanghai ninth people's hospital, hospital licences have been applying to the Internet. Last September 1 of the 'Shanghai Internet hospital management method' specific provision, Internet hospital medical services should be carried out in line with the entity or medical institutions based on entity the function orientation of medical institutions, and registered in the 'practice license of medical institution' within the scope of practice. The diagnosis scope mainly includes: common diseases and chronic diseases patients followed for signing and follow-up, the family doctor service. Predictably, soon, a group of public hospitals in Shanghai will implement the Internet, online Internet hospital. It is understood that in recent years, although the Internet hospital of the third party approval wave once, but soon lines due to the adjustment of the policy, only a handful veteran Internet medical enterprises insist on down, but progress is hardly goes well. Since then, the hospital there is another trend: the Internet is to carry the hospital - online - - - - - - Set up a hospital to hospital as the carrier of the Internet, especially the strength of the public hospital. In the industry point of view, although some public hospital Internet hospital licence has been approved, but large public hospitals involved in Internet hospital is not much, even some hospital for doctors on the good doctor online, micro medical Internet platforms such as part-time online consultation are not very active. The reason is very simple, the doctor is too busy, nor did the hospital patients, hospital does not have enough power of the Internet. But under the impact of the new champions league pneumonia outbreak, tightly restricted offline diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, some hospitals carry not even take the initiative to shut down the clinic. Therefore, large public hospitals face court sense of prevention and control and demand enormous pressure to the patient, Internet is imminent, had to send. , according to analysys thousand sails monitoring data during the Spring Festival in 2020, the Internet online health physician visits domain independent APP day live peak reached 671. 20000 people, the biggest gain is close to 1. 6 million people, or 31. 28%. In addition, according to incomplete statistics, more than 200 Internet free diagnosis and treatment in public hospitals to carry out the new crown pneumonia/online consulting services. Even so, it is hard to meet the demand of patients go to a doctor, especially the common disease, slow patients. In addition, the big hospital outpatient service cannot normalization, the operating pressure of the hospital composition will be. Through the Internet, therefore, the hospital, let doctor online service patients were put on the agenda. In pay level, some local health bureau also action, and get through the Internet diagnosis and treatment of large hospital paid link. According to 'tianjin daily' reported on February 28th, the tianjin health bureau has worked out 'about the new crown pneumonia epidemic period support the medical establishment that decide a dot in the Internet notice of medical services, across the country took the lead in the provincial level through the Internet medical service health online reimbursement channels, support the medical establishment that decide a dot in the online consulting, online diagnosis and medical services such as the Internet. This means that the medicare patients in the medical establishment that decide a dot of Internet hospital, health care can submit an expense account. It is expected to make a lot of third-party Internet hospital with envy. In the industry point of view, the future for a period of time, the more big hospitals could usher in a new Internet hospital construction boom. Particularly notable is, after the outbreak, the big hospital in the hospital or the Internet will continue to play an important function of the patient's online services and drainage, may produce certain effect for Internet medical market pattern.
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