8 provincial reform! 2019 take supplies the knife

by:Celecare     2020-06-11
On 8 October this year, the State Council general office is printed and distributed to the deepening medical and health system reform in 2019 key task '( Hereinafter referred to as the 'task') 。 'Task' emphasized that we should deepen the reform of the medical treatment, health care, medical linkage, unswervingly promote reform of the ground work. The release of this document, and soon caused a positive response of the various provinces and cities. In guizhou province, tianjin, henan, hubei, hunan, guangdong, fujian and jiangxi province eight provinces and cities and immediately issued a 'about deepening medical and health system reform in 2019, the key task of notice ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'notice') , has been clear about the provinces in the second half of 2019 task for deepening the reform. Specification, jinjiufu medical consumables used in the first place, stressed in the 'notice' requirement in guizhou provincial health committee to finish before the end of December 2019, is responsible for the printing on the implementation of the 'measures for the management of medical consumables (medical institutions Trial) The file '. Party secretary of tianjin health committee, director comrade jian-guo wang points out that in the work deployment to strengthen the supervision of medical institutions and drug supplies procurement use full and reasonable medical consumables used assessment, continue to regulate the behavior of medical practice, increase of key medical institutions, major varieties and key departments and key link of reporting exposure, improve the level of medical consumables and reasonable use. In addition, henan, hebei, guangdong province is proposed by the provincial health is built appoint further standardize the use of medical consumables policy documents. Not only that, the various provinces and cities in medical devices for unique identification and high value medical consumables classification and coding system rules and improve the medical consumables procurement mechanism is clear. Thus it is not hard to see, at present the government attaches great importance to the degree of medical consumables is still to be reckoned with, from the production, procurement to use and regulation, clearly the various provinces and cities are increasing inspections of medical consumables. At present, about perfect the system of medical consumables management work is carried out steadily, and the first batch of unique identification of the medical devices has been officially issued, the national unified coding of medical equipment will also effect on October 1st. Is expected by the end of 2019, the provinces will have a formal document. By then, the supervision of the medical consumables will be all-round, supervision will be unprecedented. Nip in the bud, the provincial focus of cancer prevention and treatment in addition to medical consumables management system has made the request, the provinces has offered to strengthen the prevention and cure of cancer, promote the preventive screening and early detection treated early. For now, has been high cancer incidence and mortality, serious influence our country residents health. Before eleven sauce is mentioned in the article, national WeiJianWei has embarked on the construction of the national cancer regional medical center, the prevention of cancer screening for improve cancer worse situation is the important part. Early detection, early treatment, national cancer regional medical center after landing, cancer prevention and screening of various provinces and cities in the future it will also be focusing on the task. Management of layers of exploitation of high value medical consumables to the unit price and resource consumption accounted for a relatively high high value medical consumables in key management, reform and perfect the medical consumables procurement policy, gradually introduced high value medical consumables centralized purchasing. It is obviously that the key for high value medical consumables management has become the focus of the various provinces and cities to task. As in anhui province and jiangsu province high value material with purchasing fall to the ground, the average reduction as much as 50% of the results to the various provinces and cities try to style. Later parts of the city began to shandong, liaoning, according to relevant personage, high-value consumables market reshuffle tide will open it. Not only that, but specifically required to perform in gansu province is of high value medical consumables two votes, reduce the circulation, promote transparent procurement behavior. High-value consumables with quantity procurement's rapid fall to the ground, small and medium-sized consumable enterprise constantly will be squeezed, even already face the brink of elimination, the era of consumable dealers earn price difference is by stealth. Both choose to seek asylum in the large circulation enterprises and strive to maintain the hospital resources, dealers are to keep up with the fast-changing era. Not only to do it, more time to do the flexibility of!
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