68 team more than 8310 medical workers support of epidemic prevention and control of hubei province

by:Celecare     2020-06-30
By 2, 20, at least from the national WeiJianWei, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, China academy of traditional Chinese medicine and 29 provinces ( Autonomous regions and municipalities) And the army of 68 medical teams, more than 8310 medical workers come to hubei, support the epidemic prevention and control work. This is the vice governor of hubei province in hubei XiaoJuHua 2 new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work a regular press conference disclosed information. According to introducing, selected by the parties are respiratory, infection, intensive medicine experts and excellent nursing team, experienced, some medical personnel involved in the fight against SARS, have taken part in the fight against ebola outbreak. Among them, Shanghai, guangdong, zhejiang, jiangsu, shandong, tianjin, sichuan, chongqing and other 15 provinces, municipalities to overcome difficulties, sent medical teams to support more in hubei province. The medical team arrived in hubei, after training, rapidly to hubei medical treatment work, have to undertake the fixed-point hospital of several units, some task to undertake the treatment of critically ill patients. Especially, 2 vulcan hill hospital formally deliver the army, and all the army assembled 1400 medical staff responsible for fire mountain hospital medical treatment, greatly enhance the hubei province medical treatment. Due to the epidemic prevention and control of wuhan city and treatment of pressure is very big, so the medical team main arrangement in wuhan. As of 2, 20, a total of 57 medical teams, 6775 medical workers in the 27 fixed-point hospital of wuhan city, including 2 delivery of wuhan vulcan hill hospital at noon. In wuhan, focus on prevention and control at the same time, the hubei provincial party committee and government attention secri epidemic prevention and control. Because municipal medical and health resources is not balanced, epidemic prevention and control and medical treatment task is very heavy. The medical team arrived, according to the epidemic situation in hubei province and around the needs, arrange part of the city, state, medical support. At present, a total of 11 medical teams, 1535 medical workers in huanggang outside of wuhan, ezhou, xiaogan, xianning, jingmen, jingzhou and xiangyang, xiantao, doors and qianjiang and other 10 cities. Among them, the outbreak of the heavier huanggang arranged 2 teams, a total of 549 medical workers, to a certain extent eased the problem of shortage of primary care.
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