4 stents save twenty-five thousand cut supplies into the hospital

by:Celecare     2020-07-17
On October 14th after negotiation price of consumables, patients to use. Four stents saved $25200 according to the jiangsu radio and television media news agency on October 11, information, jiangsu group alliance bring high-value consumables procurement negotiations have fall to the ground, some patients have been used after reduction on products. On October 8th, Mr Qin because patients with coronary artery stenosis, 4 stents have been installed in the first hospital of nanjing, just use the price after stent products, at the same time reimbursement proportion also are not affected. Mr Qin said: my two vessels on the four stents. The price from 13400 yuan a dropped to 7100 yuan, a four stents saved more than twenty thousand pieces. Cost down a lot, we got a lot of benefits. It is understood that benefit such as Mr Qin is not alone. Su-ling wu, vice President of the first hospital of nanjing introduced to: according to different varieties and types of stent, used in hospitals, the estimated price will drop 40% on average 50%. From October 1 to 10, our hospital took about sixty stents. According to the variety and reduction measure, probably on more than 40, ten thousand yuan. More than the industry have such doubt, before prices fall so big, can implement purchasing, after the talks after purchasing can't to the patient's hands, if you can't go to the patients with this ring, so bring the practical significance of the procurement negotiations will be discounted. From the jiangsu province, fall to the ground, after the price of products have been successfully entered the hospital and to patients, therefore, to a certain extent, also proved that the high value material with procurement can fall to the ground, in the whole industry chain. It is understood that the landing of the first round, the first Mr Qin bracket is used in the above varieties of jiangsu province after the first round of negotiations on purchasing alliance. On July 23, health bureau of jiangsu province issued 'medical insurance bureau of jiangsu province about a public medical institutions in jiangsu province drugs ( Medical consumables) Sunlight procurement notice of the alliance, 157 provincial coalition of tertiary medical institutions. Union has just established, the second day, On July 24) Will then release the public medical institutions in jiangsu province medical consumables group alliance announcement of centralized purchasing, 55 tertiary public hospital coalition, the first round of high-value consumables price negotiations begin. Then, the health bureau of jiangsu province in 7 days to complete the negotiations, on August 1, publicize the results. Six heart stent species, 25 varieties of dual chamber pacemaker became alliance purchasing varieties in jiangsu province, the first batch of 55 hospitals selected manufacturers will get at least 70% of the purchase amount. The rapamycin and its derivatives bracket prices fall by an average of 51. 01%, the highest drop 66. 07%; Pacemaker average declines 15. 86%, the highest drop of 38. 13%. According to the health bureau of jiangsu province information, the first round of negotiations results start effective from October this year, from the nanjing, in the introduction of the first hospital, vice President of the even holidays, product procurement and use of the negotiations is still as usual, from October 1 to 10 JCP products with a more than 60 stent. It is understood that for the second round of the league of jiangsu province is about to start, the negotiations have ended, eye artificial crystal class average 26. 89%, the biggest drop 38%; Vascular interventional balloon drop an average of 74. 37%, the biggest decline in 81. 05%; The orthopaedic class average 47 artificial hip joints. 20%, the biggest decline in 76. 7%. In addition of nanjing and huaian also completed the second round of talks, one-time 25% reduction to promote more than 200 varieties. Price trend of quantity of equipment procurement is the industry mixed reviews, but expanding quantity procurement areas and varieties has been set. Especially on July 31, the State Council general office issued the management scheme of reform of high value medical consumables, bring around the procurement progress in full swing, advancing speed, the pilot scope. The above reforms clear requirements according to the quantity and price with quantity purchase, hook, promote market competition principles to explore high value medical consumables classification centralized purchasing. For clinical dosage is bigger, the purchase amount is higher, the clinical use of more mature, more companies in the production of high value medical consumables, by category to explore the centralized purchasing, encourage medical institutions jointly with quantity procurement negotiations, actively explore cross-regional alliance purchasing. In addition to the city in the province with the amount of purchase and negotiation, between city and city, province and alliances seems to be more interesting. Released recently, the medicines and medical consumables in liaoning province centralized procurement network 'about medical consumables for the unit with the city and test detection reagent combination of bargaining and take notice of purchasing work, said first embarks from the municipal, same price, with the first city to realize city and city linkage, and promote the province unified market, unified price. In addition, in August this year, the industry out of a health bureau issued by shaanxi 'about asking the organization concentration belt quantity purchase for high value medical consumables variety opinions show that in order to promote cross-regional joint belt quantity purchase, further down the high value medical consumables prices, plans to start a provincial high value medical consumables for mining alliance concentration belt quantity procurement work.
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