264 public hospitals in guangdong province - hierarchical diagnosis and treatment to accelerate again

by:Celecare     2020-07-07
October 17 new documents released, hierarchical diagnosis accelerate again ▍ 264 public hospitals, usher in change on Oct. 13, the people's government of guangdong province issued by the guangdong province to strengthen close county health community construction implementation plan '. Documentation requirements, that year until June of 2020, the realization of the entire province all county ( City, area) The county medical body full coverage. By the end of 2020, various level listed in at least one county ( City, area) Set specific goals, clear responsibilities and division of labor cooperation, service, quality and effective operation of the county medical body, medical JiuZhenLv within the county a total body is about 90%, the hospitalization rate of about 85%, grassroots JiuZhenLv around 65%. By 2022, the province county medical body function form is more robust, more quality and efficient operation and management, service capacity improved significantly, hierarchical diagnosis is convenient and orderly, accurate implementation of health management, financial security and health care payment sustainable, local people get reasonable control medical expenses burden, obviously improve the health level and health services are enhanced obviously. Documents released, meanwhile, the construction of guangdong province: third rate public hospital and public hospitals at the county level to carry out close support depended. Province medical service ability is strong, the human resources is relatively concentrated, support work better 54 third rate ( Hereinafter referred to as the top three) Public hospitals close support depended 78 county-level public hospitals, including 37 third helping 57 county people's hospital, general hospital with 17 3 armour hospital support 21 county hospital, in promoting public hospitals at the county level comprehensive ability of medical and health services. That is to say, 264 public hospitals in guangdong province, is about to happen. ▍ county of guangdong province, the market, be packaged in addition, the county government's construction county medical body. Government at the county level is the county medical body responsibility the main body of the construction of the total, according to the geographical location, population, basic medical and health institutions and service ability, etc. , integrate basic medical and health resources, form a 1 - 3 led by public hospitals at the county level, and several other county-level hospitals, township hospitals and community health service center, village health posts and community health service stations for the member unit of the county medical body. Is important to note that the county medical total body requires YaoXie management: the county hospital has established the only YaoXie procurement accounts, unified directory, execute YaoXie unified procurement and distribution, YaoKuan unified payment, county medical support to total body in drug procurement platform to bargaining for the unit, the preparation of county medical unit total body members can be used in medical body internal circulation. After the county medical has built a number of close, pharmaceutical enterprise drug consumable purchase, payment, medication, management way is big change will happen. Units of province in, may be with the development of the county medical total body and sank to the market. And now, the primary market as companies mohican. M, according to data from the network under the impetus of the reform of public hospitals at the county level, public hospitals at the county level market in 2018 drug sales of 305. 6 billion yuan, an increase of 7. Public hospital overall growth levels (8%, higher than the same period 5. 3%) 。 From the perspective of public hospital drug sales channels accounted, public hospitals at the county level pharmaceuticals market sales accounted for a trend of increasing. ( Image: m Intranet) According to the IMS, guangdong is a multinational drug companies and local drug firms basic-level market key battleground. Once the county medical has become the new procurement and payment subject, drug firms in order to adapt to, to adjust their marketing, organizational structure and resources of guangdong as a big province of medical post, accelerate the classification diagnosis and treatment, impact on drug firms is immeasurable. ▍ grassroots medical institutions, the potential is still in the public information, at the end of 2018, the national total of 99 medical and health institutions. 740000, a year-on-year increase of 1. 080000. Among them: 3 hospitals. 30000, 94 grassroots medical and health institutions. 1, 360000, specialized in public health institutions. 800000. Compared with the previous year, the hospital increase 1953, grassroots health institutions increased 1. 060000, specialized in public health agencies to reduce 1862. By contrast, the classification effect of diagnosis and treatment of the ground still has not yet appeared, in 2018 the total outpatient visits, hospital, 35. 800 million people ( 43. 1%) 44, grassroots medical and health institutions. 100 million people ( 53. 1%) 3, other medical institutions. 200 million people ( 3. 9%) 。 Compared with last year, the hospital diagnosis and treatment increased 1. 400 million, visits to reduce 0 grassroots medical and health institutions. 200 million. Purchase this analysis, classification of diagnosis and treatment of the main barriers include two aspects: uneven residents of habits and grassroots medical institutions lack of professionalism. From this view, grassroots medical institutions still has a higher volume potential. Current slow disease has more than 300 million people, cause of the disease burden has accounted for 70% of the total burden of disease, base huge, long duration and increasing medical needs. The first option at the grass-roots level, two-way referral, acute slow partition, the fluctuation of hierarchical diagnosis model, is a great opportunity to slow disease management. It also makes many to slow disease medication as the main varieties of enterprises, must be in the presence of hierarchical diagnosis and accelerate, to make changes.
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