2020 urban and rural residents basic medical insurance payment full swing

by:Celecare     2020-06-07
On January 10, 2020 urban and rural residents basic medical insurance, Hereinafter referred to as the residents' health) Protect capture in November 1, full swing. Overall deployment according to the national, provincial, municipal, institutional reform, the social insurance tax payment work has classified the tax department is responsible for. Then 2020 residents health protect capture what will change? A, payment way the original changsha people club 12333 WeChat public, pay treasure payment way has been closed. New payment way as follows: 1. Through the social security tax bureau of hunan province development of hunan tax APP or tax official website payment of hunan province; 2. Through the bank of China construction bank, agricultural bank, changsha, hunan rural commercial bank, huarong xiangjiang river bank, citic bank online banking or cell phone APP payment; 3. Through the bank of China, China merchants bank, rural commercial bank, citic bank, changsha in hunan bank, agricultural bank, postal savings bank, China construction bank, huarong xiangjiang river bank counter to expend; 4. Through the above nine Banks intelligent POS pay cost. Second, the pay cost standard of urban and rural residents in 2020, zhuhai college students unified individual pay cost standard of insurance of primary medical treatment is: RMB 250 / general personnel & middot; Years; Difficult university student 188 yuan/person & middot; Years, individual pay cost difference by financial aid; Low staff, strands personnel, by inputting tent card poverty, severely disabled personnel ( Level 1 ~ 2) Part of the individual capture to expend is full fiscal subsidy. Three, ginseng protect mode 1. Urban and rural residents to local community or village of human resources and social security administration service center of the ginseng protect formalities. 2. Rural residents can by township ( Town) The government or the village committee organization collective ginseng. 3. Unified organization of the university students by university of ginseng protect formalities in health care department. 4. New ginseng protect personnel and ginseng protect personnel in colleges and universities, the low personnel by low guarantee, strands personnel by extremely poor support certificate, document tent card poverty poverty alleviation object credit, severely disabled personnel ( 1 - Level 2) Disabled credit conduction ginseng. 5. 2019 normal protect capture, general staff can directly by the tax authorities specified way to pay a fee 2020 residents health care; Low staff, strands personnel, object, severely disabled persons (for poverty alleviation 1 - Level 2) By the system unified do batch to account processing. Special note that the concentration of ginseng for November 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019; After 1 April 2020 to pay the residents health care costs, the individual ego ratio increased by 10%; After 1 July 2020 to pay the residents health care costs, financial subsidies will not be, ginseng protect personnel to residents on the basis of total health care financing ( Individual pay cost + financial aid) Standard payment.
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