Wuhan war 'epidemic' record: square hospital take new ideas for resistance to disease in the world

by:Celecare     2020-05-18
On the afternoon of March 11, 10, as the wuchang hongshan gymnasium rushing off the last of the whole hospital patients, hospital of wuhan square have leisure class. As the key part of crack patients treated hard a recruit, rushing from hospital emergency scrambling to shut down, a successful mission. So, run less than 40 days of rushing left hospital what enlightenment? How do you dig it in the future may mean? Crack were hard on February 3, the key to a recruit to begin construction of the first on the evening of December 5 square hospital patients have been treated. Behind the fast corresponds to the sharp contradiction of difficult patients treated. That time, the number of new crown pneumonia patients go to a doctor is on a spurt of growth, but the medical resources in wuhan city far cannot meet the demand of beds, a large number of confirmed and suspected patients failed to hospital to get treatment, the lake is high. Square hospital arises at the historic moment. Square hospital is not good, is the reality. The Chinese Academy of Engineering, respiratory and critical care medicine expert wang Chen is the main advocate for square built hospital. The move, he thought, let patients get medical care, can also be isolated from family and society, is the key to solve infection caused by the high number of patients in the community. Therefore, wuhan has completed 16 square hospital, patients treated strength greatly accelerated, according to the statistics, wuhan have 1 person is every four patients in the square hospital treatment. On Feb. 27, hospital bed etc. Phenomenon, one bed is hard to find the situation since then reversed. Ma xiaowei, director of the national WeiJianWei at a news conference on February 28, according to the application for the construction of the hospital, in the two aspects of prevention and treatment play an important and irreplaceable role, is a very key, is of great significance. To treat the tank of life while rushing hospital belong to mobile medical facilities, but emergency treatment, surgical treatment, clinical test, etc. After running in early stage after application of hospital medical equipment, sequence, work flow, logistics, etc. On the right track. Here, care 24 hours shift guardianship, patients can get professional guidance and standardized treatment. Patient transfer process is also very smooth. According to the treatment of the disease in the process of evolution, when the symptoms of the patients meet certain standards, will be sent to the designated hospital. Cure can be on-site testing, in line with the standard can be discharged from hospital. In addition to the drug therapy and psychological counseling, and always comfort is true portraiture of the medical staff role here. Medical lead the patients to sing, square dance, play eight brocade and soothing heart broadcast is rushing the vistas of hospital. We have learned, rushing after the completion of the hospital, has more than 12000 patients receiving treatment, effectively reduce the rate of mild to severe. Ma xiaowei said on February 28th, paramedics were being done rushing zero zero death, infection, patients back to zero, is the space of real life. Medical aid initiative new ideas for resistance to disease in the world square hospital widespread use, is the human history of fighting the infection on unprecedented initiative, its practical significance and the value of the future is worth deeply mining research. Wang Chen thinks, rushing hospital emergency system design for China and the world with significance. He also suggested that, in formulating relevant construction standards, such as for large exhibition center, gymnasium, warehouse, workshop, etc. , should be considered when building is easy to transform into a square hospital, set aside the interface and the corresponding space. At present, China's new crown in pneumonia outbreak has been contained, but it is still in the outbreak in many countries. Rushing through timely isolation hospital patients, treatment and care of patients with mild, believe that will provide some useful reference for epidemic prevention and control of other countries. The world health organization experts in the field of wuhan square also said after the hospital, will introduce application of hospital to other countries. In severe epidemics of South Korea, the government has the requisition of public facilities, provide centralized quarantine treatment for patients with mild in, including daegu first life treatment centre was started on March 2 operation. Rushing the hospital tank of life believe will provide shelter for more people around the world.
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