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Hydrocolloid foam pressure ulcer wound dressing from Celecare - B0815

Hydrocolloid foam pressure ulcer wound dressing from Celecare - B0815
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 Instructions for foam pressure ulcer dressing(self-adhesive)

▶ First clean the wound around the skin, try to remove the dead skin surrounding the wound, and the helper should clean their hands to prevent extraneous bacterial infection.

When using it, please take the foam pad side towards the wound, gradually tear the release paper, adjust the wound site to stick, and then continue to peel half of the release paper until the dressing is pasted completely and smoothly on the wound.

▶ It is a normal phenomenon that the dressing becomes swelled and white after absorption and swell. If any leakage, please immediately replace the dressing.


 Foam pressure ulcer dressing(non-self-adhesive)

Non-self-adhesive foam dressing is required to fit with sterile gauze and bandage when used;

▶ Non-self-adhesive foam dressing is not waterproof, and the sore condition is unable to be observed in time due to isolation from gauze.

▶ This product can be used and fixed under a nurse's guidance.


Ultra-thin hydrocolloid dressing

Application scope: for the surface of the sore and wound with no obvious exudate

▶ Function: absorb little exudate, keep the sore and wound moist, promote granulation growth

▶ Instructions: refer to hydrocolloid foam dressing


Product specifications

Product namehydrocolloid foam pressure ulcer dressing from Celecare
Specification20×20cm, dressing 15×15cm
Material3-D foamed polymer material, CMC hydrocolloid
Sterilization methodionizing radiation sterilization
Expiry datethree years
Application scopeall kinds of high permeable wounds, Ⅱ-Ⅳ  bed sores, wound of donor site and scratch, etc.
Product advantages

A.Semi-permeable waterproof film, get rid of air, effectively prevent wound infection

B.Imported dressing, comfortable and breathable, soft and elastic, combined with a pressure bandage, comfortable without causing wound irritation

C.CMC hydrocolloid component, inward swelling, more fitting to the wound surface
D.Absorb rapidly large amounts of exudate, preserve exudate in original position, keep the wound moist
How often should the dressing be changed?Changing depends on the amount of wound exudate and the condition in which the dressing used is. Usually the dressing is replaced once every 1 to 3 days, or if the exudate exudes close to a 2cm edge of the dressing please replace the dressing in time. This product can be replaced for up to 7 days.
NoteA. If a patient has a systemic or local infection, but the infection is under control, please use this product under a doctor's guidance. If the wound is produced by arterial insufficiency, please follow a doctor's or a nurse's guidance, and the wound should be examined every day.
B.Before radiotherapy(including X-ray, ultrasound, hyperthermia and microwave therapy), please remove this product. This product can not be used with saline and hydrogen peroxide.

Product features

Soft, elastic, good pressure dispersion effects
Absorb rapidly large amounts of exudate, preserve exudate in original position, keep the wound moist

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