Who is built appoint: hebei village doctor fixed subsidies of up to 10000 5

by:Celecare     2020-07-09
On January 15, village doctor subsidy problem was again emphasized that fixed subsidies maximum 10000 5. Destitute areas are less developed economy, the low level of rural medical service, medical staff shortages. How to use rural health personnel to stay, good, is everywhere is solve the problem. Recently, the national WeiJianWei website we will deepen reform of the medical and health system of the State Council leading group presentation ( 94) Mentioned, chengde city, hebei province to attract and retain talented people with policies to attract and retain talented people with treatment with career advancement opportunities. Efforts to solve the problem of village doctor treatment, pension and management, can let the village doctor to retain, services, specifically how to implement, we see together. A, service population of less than 1000 people in the village doctor, can enjoy allowance, top 1. Two fixed subsidies 50000 chengde city to strengthen the village doctor, one is the insufficient service population quota subsidy: (1) service - 800 people 1000 people, 5000 yuan; (2) service - 600 people 800 people, 100 million; (3) service 600 people, the allowance of 15000 yuan. Second, village clinics run funds fixed subsidies: village clinics fixed subsidies according to each village clinic fiscal year fixed subsidies - running funds 3000 yuan 5000 yuan. Second, the three basic financial compensation stable channel, annual per capita income more than 50000 stable basic public health services allowance, general fee subsidy rate and drug zero sales allowance and so on three basic channels of financial compensation. To carry out the family doctor to sign service charge, the family doctor service contract fiscal subsidy village doctor per capita achieves 2500 yuan a year. The above quota subsidy, three basic allowance signed with the family doctor service charge system effectively and to safeguard the legal rights and interests of village doctor. Signing the chengde city towns and townships of village doctor family doctors, basic public health services, the basic drug system to carry out the work once every half a year to review, such as issue performance-related pay on the basis of the results. At present, the chengde city rural doctors per capita annual income of 50000 yuan of above. Three rigorous, village doctor access requirements, high salary on two levels of university and technical school graduates, besides solving the problem of village doctor treatment on the quality of new village doctor access are more strict. New rural doctors must possess clinical (assistant practicing qualification, specialist or above The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, combined Chinese and western medicine) Professional. Approved by the village doctor unified exam, the village committee or assessment of towns and townships to hire to work in the village clinic jobs. School of old technical secondary school graduates to practise in village clinics, implement township Guan Village with, high salary on two levels. Four, promote two certificates, SanZhi, six unification, the assessment results and performance of chengde city in hebei province to carry out the integrated rural communities in, exploring county, the township, village with the employing system, further promote the two certificates, SanZhi, six unification. (1) two certificates: village clinic must be made in accordance with the 'practice license of medical institution', rural doctors must obtain a professional qualification; Tube (2) SanZhi: according to the county rural village of employment with the principle of employment, shall be implemented for village doctor, performance-related pay, social insurance system; (3) six unity: personnel, finance, YaoXie, business, access to exit, performance appraisal is unified. And to further strengthen the financial, YaoXie, business, management of performance appraisal: ( 1) Do charge with documents, accounts recorded financial practice BaoZhangZhi, village clinics in towns and townships of village clinics set up fixed assets, funds, drug distribution, such as books, urged guidance village clinics do charge with documents, accounting records. ( 2) It is forbidden to illegal channels to buy YaoXie medicines and medical instruments of village clinics and unified procurement, distribution and management, it is forbidden to purchased from illegal channels. ( 3) For village clinic to improve construction land is free of charge, provided by the village committee for construction land, provide guarantee for construction standardization village clinics. Second, by conducting remote consultation, remote image diagnosis, signed online family doctors, slow disease management and standardized services, we will promote standardization of remote medical service system, promote high quality medical resources to the country. ( 4) Performance evaluation results and the jobs, wages around the basic public health services and basic medical and health service and health management focus, service quantity, service quality and satisfaction as the core, regular check on rural doctors. The results of the appraisal shall be taken as rural doctors practising the main basis of registration, signed a contract of employment, salary, promote comprehensive rural doctors started their duty. To sum up, as things stand, in the national health reform at the grass-roots level of environment, all can take out to mobilize the enthusiasm of the grassroots doctors good policy, is undoubtedly further motivate the grassroots health workers work enthusiasm, thus improve the rural medical service level.
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