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2 piece open colostomy bags,types of colostomy bags from Celecare - B001
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Wipe the stoma and its surrounding skin with warm water and dry, remove the sclerotic keratinised skin and stain, keep the skin around the stoma clean and dry.

Measure the size of the stoma with the measuring card supplied. Do not touch the stoma with your fingers while measuring it.

According to the measured size and shape of the stoma, cut a hole of an appropriate size on the film of the ostomy flange.The hole diameter is usually 2mm bigger than the stoma diameter.

Peel the protective release paper on the inside ring of the flange and stick aiming at the stoma(It is good to blow air into the bag before sticking, in order to prevent thin films from sticking to each other), and then strip the protective release paper on the outside ring, and carefully paste up from the middle towards the outside.

In order to make stickup secure(especially in areas and seasons with low temperature), you should press the pasted part with your hands for several minutes, in turn, the hydrocolloid flange could increase viscosity with the rising temperature.

Fasten the plastic buckle on the two-piece ostomy bag to the ring on the flange on body side, and gently press until they get stuck, and finally pull the bag, to further confirm whether they grip tightly.

Hold the skin around the stoma with one hand, slowly tear off the film of the flange with the other hand when removing the ostomy bag or flange. If the paste is too tight, do not forcibly pull, so as not to cause skin damage. If such phenomenon exists, you can peel with warm water or skin cleansing agent.


Instructions of a sealing clamp


Hold the lock and lift to open the clamp, do not let the joint part of the distal end of the clamp twist together after its open.

As shown in the figure to roll the ostomy bag for one layer, the curved clamp should conform to the body's contours.

Push the lock to finally confirm if the clamp is secure(The clamp can be used many times).

Product specifications

Product NameTwo-piece open ostomy bag from Celecare
Product brandCELECARE
Product ModelB001
Product specification15×27.5, 400 pieces / box
Product featuresoft and breathable(non-woven fabric, mesh film), low risk of allergy, no leakage, no swell, the buckle and folding strap are easy to use.
Application scopesuitable for people with colostomy or ileostomy
Expiry datethree years
Storage conditionstore in a cool, clean and dustless environment, away from direct sunlight
Notefollow a doctor's advice; Wipe the skin around the stoma before wearing the ostomy bag, in order to keep the skin dry, and ensure that the ostomy bag will remain sticky; Do not arbitrarily discard it after use.

Product features

Plastic buckle is of light weight and of corrosion resistance
The color of the bag is beige and of strong concealment, to avoid bringing embarrassment to people with a stoma
Activated carbon can remove odor
Pure cotton non-woven fabric,fitting the skin to reduce friction
Medical hydrocolloid flange is of high viscosity and of less irritation
It is easy to use and operate, and can be reused.

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