WeiJianWei public hospital new file formal contract era

by:Celecare     2020-05-30
On December 9, the latest news, published by the state WeiJianWei new articles of association of public hospitals, public hospital development is of great significance to our country. On December 6, national WeiJianWei, issued the notice about print and distribute the articles of association of the public hospital model of ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'articles of association') 。 File said, for the implementation of the implementation of hospital articles of pilot guidance '( Countries who do medical hair [2018] no. 12) And the opinions on strengthening public hospital party building work requirements, guide the hospital scientific, standardized in the formulation of the articles of association, articles of association of the complete set work objectives, formulated the 'articles of association of public hospitals model', for around as a reference for the formulation of the articles of association of the hospital. A couplet of medical written into the articles of association of the articles of association 'mentioned in the rights and obligations of the hospital, the hospital will be held by the main body and the approval of relevant departments, and the related medical institutions of couplet of medical or medical body, promote formation first option at the grass-roots level, two-way referral, acute slow partition, the fluctuation of hierarchical diagnosis model. And xinjiang assistance to Tibet, counterpart support, hospitalized in fields such as health poverty alleviation and volunteer work. Hospital staff formal contract era with provisions of the constitution, the hospital insists on having both ability and political integrity, good for the first standard of choose and employ persons, to implementing the principles of democracy, openness, competition and merit, applies a system of open recruitment, job management system, according to need to be positioned, according to post employment, contract management. More than the end of last year, the national departments jointly issued 'the pilot implementation of establish and perfect the system of modern hospital management notice, requires 148 public hospitals as a pilot hospitals establish and perfect the system of modern hospital management, fully implementing recruitment system and post management system in accordance with the law, shall be subject to the contract management. The job management system of contract management to be formally written into the articles of association, public hospital staff formal contract era. Provisions of the constitution: the hospital staff shall enjoy the following rights: ( A) According to the relevant provisions of the responsibilities and the application and the rational use of public resources. ( 2) In the ideological and political performance, professional ethics, business level, and a fair evaluation of job performance, etc. ( 3) Equitable access to opportunities and conditions of the career development needs. ( 4) Equitable access to all kinds of awards and honorary titles. ( 5) Aware of hospital reform, construction and development, and significant matters pertaining to a vital interests, to participate in democratic management and supervision and puts forward opinions and Suggestions for hospital work. ( 6) Promotion, post appointment, welfare benefits and PingXian recommendation, disciplinary matters of dissent and lodge a complaint. ( 7) In accordance with the provisions of the laws, regulations and rules, hospitals and contract, receive compensation and other benefits. ( Eight) Laws, regulations, rules and other rights agreed in the contract. To carry out the two allowed, preparation of inside and outside and the duty and the pay and benefits in terms of salary distribution, requirements of the constitution, to carry out the two allows requirements, reasonable compensation levels hospital; Establishment and responsibility, work performance, closely linked to the actual contribution of allocation mechanism, to the key and a shortage of jobs, high risk and high strength, high level talented person, business backbone, and the medical staff have made outstanding achievements. Medical staff personal pay not with drugs, health materials, inspection, testing and other business income. Clear of the constitution, as a whole to consider prepare internal and external personnel salary treatment, insist on and the duty and the reward and treatment. Incumbent and the duty and the pay and treatment, finally officially entered the public hospital model of the constitution. In the future in public hospitals, whether in staff or side, with post treatment will be equally. Articles of association is the constitution of the hospital, not only the nature of the hospital, and the guideline of function orientation and development direction, and clear the hospital management structure and responsibility system and is the foundation of guide hospitals establish and improve various rules and regulations, is the starting point of the hospital management. As in medical institutions around the implementation of the constitution, the reform of public hospitals in our country since then will open a new page.
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