Internet hospital explicit functions, prescription outflow 'big time'!

by:Celecare     2020-07-14
On August 15, August 12, Shanghai WeiJianWei issued 'Shanghai Internet hospital management method' ( Hereinafter referred to as 'method') , first clear the definition of Internet hospital, diagnosis and treatment scope, regulatory content, etc. , and clear the hospital Internet access system requirements, the emphasis on without the approval of the administrative department of health for any unit or individual may engage in diagnosis and treatment of the Internet and hospital to limit the scope of business of the Internet. 'Method', points out that the Internet hospital to obtain the 'practice license of medical institution' rear can conduct diagnosis and Internet activities. Has been made of the 'practice license of medical institution' entity medical institutions on its own or with a third party agencies set up information platform shall apply for the Internet to the hospital medical service mode as the second name, increase the Internet. And in accordance with the need to deal with communication management, market regulation, network security, drug management, and other aspects of administrative licensing, the licensing the corresponding rear can carry out diagnosis and treatment of the Internet at the same time set up a system of social public. Electronic prescription on track, prescription outflow made shots 'method' explicitly mentioned, the hospital should strictly abide by the 'prescription management method' regulation on administration of medical institutions of pharmaceutical affairs and other relevant provisions, be open, dispensing and safekeeping of prescriptions. Before online prescription, doctors should master the patients' medical records, identify patients in the real diagnosis for some medical institutions or after certain kinds of common diseases, chronic diseases, online prescriptions for the same diagnosis of disease. In prescription and drug management, 'method' online before the prescribed requirements, the physician should master the patients' medical records, identify patients in the real diagnosis for some medical institutions or after certain kinds of common diseases, chronic diseases, online prescriptions for the same diagnosis of disease. All online diagnosis and prescription must have a physician electronic signature. In addition, the prescription is audited by the pharmacist qualified rear can take effect, medical institutions and pharmaceutical trading enterprises can entrust a qualified third party distribution. For Internet hospitals do not prescribe the, 'method' also made specific provision: the first patient prescription; A class infectious diseases ( With reference to a class of infectious disease management) Entities, such as emergency and severe cases need to physical check medical institutions or medical instruments auxiliary diagnosis of patients with drug prescription; Narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, such as higher risk, there are other special provisions on the administration of prescriptions, etc. For young children ( Under 6 years of age) Prescribe medicine for children of the Internet, it shall determine the children accompanied by the guardian and related professional doctor. The personage inside course of study points out, from the end of 2015 ZheYi 2 hospital prescribing the first electronic has been in the past nearly four years, although prescription outflow claims has enormous market potential, but so far remains limited, the nationwide promotion of prescription outflow always feel more resistance. And Internet hospital for standardization, or electronic prescription can realize moderate, prompted the outflow of prescription and to move outside the hospital prescription billions of market. Into health care, the last part through billions of market before that, on July 31, the national health insurance bureau released to part the thirteenth session of the second session of the National People's Congress on behalf of bill to Internet medical advice reply, according to Internet medical fee is included in the scope of coverage, according to the formation of the first draft of the national bureau of health care to be officially released after modification opinions from various aspects. In addition, the specific payment shall be formulated by the provincial health services project scope, national health insurance bureau support according to fund health care departments around the bear ability, diagnosis and treatment projects will conform to the conditions of the Internet into the medical insurance to pay limits. Previously issued by The General Office of the State Council of the deepening medical and health system reform in 2019 key task ', explicitly mentioned national health insurance bureau will be responsible for Internet medical fees and payment policy documents, completed before the end of September this year. In the industry point of view, within a month and a half, Internet medical across time policy will come out, determines the nearly billions of Internet medical market will boom in the future. Relevant data show that the scale of Internet medical market in China by the year 2020 is expected to exceed 90 billion yuan. Previously, the Internet medical how to price, into the reimbursement industry is the key to developing the greatest resistance. The personage inside course of study points out, just reply content, the Internet will be good policy to encourage the development of hospital, at the same time, the prescription outflow will also get more convenient channel support, some of the common diseases and chronic diseases prescription outflow of hospital will be a big probability event via the Internet. Previously, hangzhou, guangzhou, shenyang and other cities have implemented online payment, medical services and drugs payment can be done online, and at this point, hospitals, doctors, patients, drugs, health care, distribution all get through, all prescription outflow links form a closed loop, billions of prescription outflow market or will no longer distant.
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