Countries released the latest report grassroots lose limit or more strictly

by:Celecare     2020-05-21
In 2020, the grassroots lose limit or will be more strict! On April 10, the state drug administration and drug evaluation center released the latest annual report, the national adverse drug reaction monitoring of adverse drug reactions and events last year to conduct a comprehensive summary and analysis report. It is worth mentioning that the report in the theory part summarize on drug safety problems and injection safety risk is emphasized. From the country two years degree of attention to the rational use of drugs and related policy direction, can be judged: grassroots lose limit this year or will be more strict. Adverse event reports, intravenous accounted for more than half of the adverse drug reactions/events in 2019 report, injected accounted for 62. 8%, far above accounted for more than 32. 5% of the oral medicine ( As shown in the figure below) 。 In the injected, intravenous dosing and accounted for 92. 5%. Overall, according to a report injection accounted for 63. Injection accounted for 74 3%, serious report. 3%. Injected way although has the advantage of fast absorption, the dosage accurately controlled, but can cause tissue damage, pain, infection, or even cause serious adverse reactions of disadvantages still exist. Can report again: oral medicine, don't choose injected; Can muscle injection drug, do not choose or intravenous drip. 33 kinds of common traditional Chinese medicine injections, cannot be compared with the conventional western medicine injection at the grass-roots level, traditional Chinese medicine injection in the primary market once be favorred by the doctors and patients, but as the country in the field of TCM injections to control more and more severe, base gradually restricted use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) injection. In August last year, the national health insurance bureau, people club department released the 2019 edition health insurance directory, make strict limits on 33 kinds of commonly used traditional Chinese medicine injection, only permitted to use more than in the secondary medical institutions. Basic restrictions on the use of 33 kinds of varieties of traditional Chinese medicine injection form source: according to the 2019 version of the medical insurance directory doctors commune compared with the original insurance directory in 2017, the new increase in 11 class limited varieties: swollen section air injection, anti-hepatitis-jaundice injection, injection, check and gasp the spirit of 'chuan xe injection, acanthopanax injection, blood flux injection, injection of blood flux ( Freeze-dried) , thrombosis, tong injection, injection with thrombosis ( Freeze-dried) Blood, shu ning injection, huangqi injection. Use of traditional Chinese medicine injection gradually tightening at the grassroots level in 2019, has been highlighted. Local control infusion, began to wake up at the grass-roots level in addition to the adverse reactions of data reminded, in the field of health care policy driven, transfusion practice risk resulting from accidents are prompting some places take emergency measures to restrict fluids at the grass-roots level. Since September 11, shandong laizhou city health bureau for the area under its jurisdiction to give intravenous drug license for the record level of the following medical institutions ( Village clinics) , stop intravenous drug delivery services, agency will give severe punishment. Only through the local health administrative department of health of the training and examination of qualified, can continue to engage in intravenous drug delivery service activities. Who has not obtained laizhou city WeiJian bureau give permission for the record of intravenous drug delivery service qualification institution, may not conduct intravenous fluids service activities, violations of institutions will give severe punishment. Against such a move, most readers tend to flood: unconditional support at the grass-roots level limit infusion. Background image: doctors commune message although infusion as grassroots medical institutions, especially the important means of clinics, village clinics to provide medical services, is directly related to sales, but in a patient's risk of life and their future career considerations, most grass-roots doctor said understanding and support. This shows that at the grass-roots level limit lose consciousness has already started to wake up. In 2020, both from the perspective of the overall consciousness of policy direction or grassroots doctors, limit the condition is relatively mature, infusion can predict strength will be greater. Actually, limit infusion is not terrible, direction finding alternative infusion is more advantageous to the long-term development of diagnosis and treatment is the fundamental.
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