China's cross-border medical market prospect industry experts are calling for specification development

by:Celecare     2020-06-04
On October 18, with more and more people choose to go to a doctor overseas, booming Chinese cross-border medical market. To this, the personage inside course of study for specification development as soon as possible. Released in July 2016, 'China's high net worth population cross-border health white paper, according to the 2015 China's cross-border medical market size is 8. 9 billion yuan, Yuan, hereinafter the same) In 2020, cross-border medical market scale will reach 58. 1 billion yuan, year expected growth rate could reach 50%. And media, according to the statistics from 2011 to 2016, the overseas medical treatment of Chinese patients with severe from dozens of growth to about 5000 people, average annual growth rate of 150%. 16, held in Beijing international medical insurance on the BBS, participants are cross-border medical service industry and upgrading are discussed. Swollen health technology co. , LTD. , director of the northwest of Beijing JiChunYan in an interview, in a complex disease treatment, based on domestic and foreign medical difference produced a cross-border medical needs. Such as in the field of surgical oncology in children, there are large difference between the two countries. In countries and regions, Japan has a more advanced proton heavy ion therapy, and part of the cost is lower than the domestic medical institutions; European technology of minimally invasive surgical removal of brain tumors in neurosurgery is relatively advanced, etc. , all of these provide more treatment options for patients. But we found that in the face of the domestic patients is their access to information and understanding of the international medical is not comprehensive, the second is based on language, transportation and other reasons, they have conservative treatment for overseas and cautious. JiChunYan said, in view of this, many focus on cross-border medical services and medical institutions overseas cooperation in a second medical opinion, for disease and tumor disease patients, the second medical opinion for them to make the best treatment options. Wang Kun QTC's chief medical officer, said in an interview, due to the differences in treatment at home and abroad, some cross-border medical services is changing the business mode, hoping to insurance let patients have more options. Patients can be combined with domestic and foreign experts, the choice is overseas treatment or to stay at home. He said. Mr. Zhao, deputy secretary-general of the China hospital association international medical service branch in cross-border medical market prospect to give you at the same time, also points out that the blue ocean industry in urgent need of specification. The first is to develop a cross-border medical service standards, the second is to ascertain the institutions to engage in cross-border medical services. The branch plans to build online platform, he said, with a high standard to selection of cross-border medical institutions, in the case of certification system, to assist the national WeiJianWei orderly management industry.
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