Wuhan vulcan new crown hill hospital total cure SARS patients, 471

by:Celecare     2020-06-18
After medical personnel more than 20 days of scientific treatment and careful nursing, 76 new crown pneumonia confirmed patients recovered after 27 noon vulcan hill hospital out of wuhan, this also is the hospital daily discharge the largest number of people a day. By the end of the day, wuhan vulcan hill hospital has new crown cure pneumonia patients with diagnosis of 471 people. The wuhan vulcan hill hospital since new crown pneumonia patients were first diagnosed, always adhere to the scientific treatment, constantly sum up the experiences of diagnosis and treatment, strictly implement the ward inspection, diagnosis and treatment, case discussion, expert consultation, infection control, such as psychological counseling system specification. Develop extensive characteristics at the same time, the hospital nursing service, make full use of the remote diagnosis system, organization lung physical therapy nursing skills training, guide the normative nursing procedures and processes, departments also through for the production of new type of pneumonia in patients with deep breathing training apparatus, blowing and water bottles to help patients to carry out the deep breathing exercise. In addition, the hospital according to the national guidelines for Chinese traditional medicine prescription, adhere to combine traditional Chinese and western medicine treats science, timely establishment of traditional Chinese medicine experts, in the form of consultation in-depth floor each ward, acquisition of TCM symptom scale, make prescription of traditional Chinese medicine and agreements to establish hospital of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of norms, establish and improve the coordination mechanism of Chinese and western medicine, and provide the patient with 4 kinds of medicinal broth, let the hospitalized patients were done it should suit the suit. At present, cooperate with mobile intelligent emergency currently in use, vulcan hill hospital more than 97% of patients taking traditional Chinese medicine medicinal broth, drug inspection examination results have improved. On the day of the 76 patients were cured after discharge, vulcan hill hospital wards and beds of vacant clean quickly, cleaning, disinfection, and change the clean sheet bedding, hands were under a number of cases, be stipulated that is planned to be completed on or before 27, 23 were working.
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