Wuhan national body temperature monitoring: door-to-door, upon a daily monitoring

by:Celecare     2020-06-19
According to Internet information office official weibo in wuhan city, wuhan from now on the body temperature monitoring work. Wuhan city health select committee on relevant issues reply when citizens, points out that temperature monitoring should be hard upon a daily monitoring, to ensure universal coverage, without missing one person. Screening report at least once a day, the residents generally not interfere with the normal life, in addition to the comprehensive monitoring temperature need to take this way, still can understand what life difficult need help. The body temperature monitoring for why? Wuhan WeiJianWei said, according to the requirements, further intensify the wuhan new coronavirus infection pneumonia suspected cases of search scope and dynamics, the body temperature monitoring. Fever, is a new type of coronavirus infection is one of the main symptoms of pneumonia. The body temperature monitoring, the purpose is the comprehensive screening, completely cut off the spread of the virus way, from the source to curb the momentum of the spread in zhuhai, win the outbreak materialize the people's war, earnestly safeguard citizens to body health, family, health and society as a whole. The body temperature monitoring and how to develop? Wuhan WeiJianWei pointed out that, from now on, on the basis of the community grid unit, the integration of party members and cadres, grid, community police, property management staff, volunteers and so on strength of work team, all-in shard, take the door screen with a combination of their moves. Home have a thermometer is given priority to with their self-reported, if citizens temperature is normal, can by telephone, WeChat report; Report to the community has a body temperature was abnormal, staff on-site checking again. If found to have fever patients in community, how to deal with? Wuhan WeiJianWei said that if citizens had symptoms of fever, or related personnel in the home, its should be organized by the community in a timely manner to the community health service center diagnostic screening, according to the situation of diagnosis, according to the diagnosis of patients, patients with suspected, general categories such as fever patients and close contacts, and concentrate admitted or isolated medical observation. For if there are people don't cooperate with temperature monitoring? Wuhan city health select committee, said in the process of the disease screening, the staff member be patient to communicate, explanation and illustration, positive for the masses to understand, in case of no citizens of work with screening, according to law by the public security organ to take compulsory measures when necessary.
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