Wuhan 7 enabled application hospital medical establishment that decide a dot of over 40

by:Celecare     2020-06-20
Reporter 12 learned from wuhan new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command that is completes the new crown outbreak of SARS prevention and control work, at present, wuhan has enabled 7 square hospital, medical institutions more than 40 new crown pneumonia, diagnosis and treating patients with ability to improve. It is reported that currently enabled 7 square hospital including wuhan square sitting room, jianghan square square, wuchang, silk square tower lake, Huang Bei square cabinet, hanyang Botswana tank, Qiao stadium square, square hospital medical staff 4966 people. Related application hospital since February 6 treated patients, to 12 February 7, up to 4313 people are always treated patients, deducting the hospital 36 people, roll out 305 people, there are 3972 people in the square in hospitals were analyzed. According to understand, to do a good job in new crown severe pneumonia patients treated in wuhan all the medical establishment that decide a dot in the city for more than 40, with fire mountain, thor hill hospital, at present, the total number of beds has increased to 1. 20000 pieces, all these will be used for treating severe and critically ill patients. Wuhan new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters relevant controller introduces, hospital beds in the city by city outbreak headquarters unified scheduling, at present, the medical establishment that decide a dot priority is for confirmed cases of severe, critically ill patients and suspected cases for centralized treatment in critically ill patients.
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