Wuhan 20 new rehabilitation medical staff donate plasma treatment in patients with severe pneumonia

by:Celecare     2020-05-13
Journalists from 16 new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of scientific research team, hubei province, wuhan has 20 new crown pneumonia recovery medical staff donate blood plasma is used to treat patients, 12 patients with severe accepted the plasma treatment. It is understood that from wuhan jiangxia district hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the first jiangxia district people's hospital of medical staff, 20 new crown pneumonia in rehabilitation after 10 days, take the initiative to donate blood. These were sent to China wuhan institute of biological products and blood institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, wuhan virus test security, inactivated, such as processing, preparation of the exemption plasma can be used in the clinical treatment of about 3000 ml. First jiangxia district people's hospital of other nine critically ill patients, hospital three serious patients accepted the plasma treatment. Jiangxia district according to relevant experts, the first people's hospital patients receive 12 to 24 hours after treatment, blood oxygen saturation increased obviously, the main inflammation index declined obviously, lymphocyte percentage rise, key indicators skyward, clinical signs and symptoms are improving. Specific therapeutic effect observation, treatment scheme has been optimized. The experts say the first people's hospital, jiangxia district new crown pneumonia patients recovery after ten days of rest, the body has been restored, plasma donation does not affect the body health.
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