Why the county medical service market is worth attention?

by:Celecare     2020-05-10
On April 10, while grading diagnosis and treatment have pushed for many years, but public tertiary hospitals in the dominance of medical services market has been formed and will last for a long time. The Chinese market with east Asia market characteristics, part of the population is concentrated in the urban core, high-grade quality three more handy, siphon to peripheral region of the third class hospitals and other medical institutions to squeeze will be more and more strong. The doctor flow under the condition of the possibility of a weak, other medical institutions in the city is difficult to compete with the best tertiary hospitals of medical resources. There's no suspense in the development of urban medical service market. Outside a second-tier cities, however, most of the population in the three lines below the urban and rural areas, due to the distance is far, broad county health service demand in China is becoming the biggest medical services outside the tertiary hospital market sector. ( Part of county level hospital and tertiary hospital, both slightly compared to repeated) From the point of quantity, county-level hospitals form hospital number nearly half of China. The national total of 2018 hospitals at the county level 1. 54 m, of which 4958 county-level city hospital, county hospital, 10516. Two types of county-level hospitals combined accounted for 47% of the total number of national hospital. County hospital beds a total of 2. 68 million, there were 910000 county-level city hospital, county hospital beds, 1. 77 million copies. County-level hospitals accounted for 41% of the national total hospital beds in total. From productivity-which, county-level hospitals accounted for 33% of the national hospital outpatient service, 44% of the hospital. The county hospital visits a total of 11. 8. 6 billion people, including county-level city hospital visits 4. 4. 1 billion, county hospital visits 7. 4. 5 billion. County-level hospitals combined accounted for 33% of total hospital visits. From the perspective of the income of county-level hospitals the whole plate, in 2018 accounted for 29% of the whole hospital market scale, while the tertiary hospitals accounted for hospitals and 55% of the overall size of the market at the grass-roots level. However, county-level hospitals if superposition in towns and townships and the village doctor ( Together accounted for only 6% of the market) The size of the market, can account for 35% of the overall market, to become the second largest market after the three levels of hospitals. Therefore, from digital point of view, outshine others in the third-level hospital market, county-level hospitals is the only can as a whole and tertiary hospital parallel plates. But county-level hospitals overall strength is not strong, although the number of institutions, beds, outpatient and hospitalization person-time of is higher, but from hospital income, income structure, and efficiency, the county-level hospitals have a large room to improve. First of all, from hospital income, only a quarter of the tertiary hospitals at the county level hospital. Courts of tertiary hospital income up to 8. 800 million yuan, and city at the county level comprehensive hospital and general hospital at the county level is only 2, respectively. 1 and 400 million yuan. 700 million yuan. This indicates that although the county-level hospitals in services and tertiary hospitals difference is not big, but the gap on the cost of all time. In 2018, public tertiary hospital outpatient service 322 for all time. 1 yuan, and county-level city for 216. 9 yuan, the county hospital for 191. 7 yuan. Public tertiary hospital in 13313 for all time in hospital. 3 yuan, and county-level city for 7445. 1 yuan, the county hospital for 5401. 4 yuan. In outpatient service income structure, large hospital mainly by drugs, and county-level hospitals rely on examination and treatment of income. Especially check on income, city at the county level hospital was 23%, XianShu hospital was 26%, while the largest committee belongs to the hospital was only 18%. This suggests that the hospitals at the county level in the context of their income is not high, in order to meet the requirements of medicine proportion, pushing check income increase. Hospital income structure, the difference is the biggest health supplies, belong to the hospital and provincial hospital was 30% and 27%, respectively, and the city at the county level hospital and XianShu hospital only 16% and 13% respectively. Medicine proportion and check the income accounted for the difference is not big, but on the quality of service income accounted for, committee of hospital treatment income accounted for only 10%, while XianShu hospital and county-level city hospital reached 15% and 14% respectively. This suggests that the hospitals at the county level is more engaged in the routine surgery, can't rely on consumables for more income, can only rely on drugs, check and treat. And on the efficiency of the hospital, county hospital efficiency is relatively low, leading to the impact of payer will be bigger in the future. County-level city hospital per capita hospitalization cost is belong to 32% of the hospital, but the average such confinement is belong to 101% of the hospital, XianShu hospital so trend, average per capita hospitalization cost is 23% of hospital, the average is 94% of such confinement. Superposition of county-level hospitals, therefore, the size of the market, although in the current rural health service system can still accounted for a third strong, but with the reform of the payer, conventional disease patient revenue will fall, the medical service market requires constant transformation after under pressure. In the process of transformation, is not a simple merge the township hospitals and village doctor can once and for all. In the process of market continue eating by tertiary hospital, only on the one hand, using policy dig potential down, on the other hand, in the county market set up a complete service chain, and hold regular disease the core source of income, do a good job in pre-hospital and hospital management after the service, at the same time to recover, nursing and other services to meet the needs of local medical extension, to expand the market. Under pressure, only along the route to the reform of the payer development to guarantee their own development and expansion, or county-level hospitals can only continue the past trajectories, continuous extrusion by tertiary hospitals, even collected all of the rural grassroots medical treatment, the overall market share will continue to fall.
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