WeiJianWei released the latest health file grassroots doctors to get a raise

by:Celecare     2020-07-10
On December 2, the latest reform comes, pay for the medical staff, manifest the value of its technical services. November 29, the state WeiJianWei issued 'about to drug centralized purchasing and using of several policies and measures for further deepening the reform of medical health system', hereinafter referred to as 'a number of policies and measures. The several policy measures mainly from the pharmaceutical, medical, health care and industry regulations four aspects proposed reform measures 15, including salary system reform to the medical personnel, and make it clear. A, improve the medical staff salary how to make basic medical and health personnel to retain, can is a key factor in the development of treatment. If the salary has been no big change, grassroots medical staff work enthusiasm may be at a discount. This clearly put forward some policies and measures, before the end of February 2020, to adjust measures to local conditions around the promoting reform of public hospital compensation system. To carry out the perfect basic medical and health institutions merit pay policies. In addition, in 2020, the national health committee, human resources, social security, the Ministry of Finance and other departments will jointly formulate connotation of the medical service income and remuneration system to connect and specific measures. Further promote the tertiary public hospital performance evaluation, launched secondary performance appraisal and the public medical institutions. Second, the value of medical personnel technical services national organization drug centralized purchasing and using pilot, is beneficial to reduce the false high drug prices, also will surely push for medical treatment, health care, medical reform more deeply. Each region implements and realizes the two allowed to requirements, timely and make good use of reducing drug consumables cost, adjust the hospital medical service price increase disposable income, actively promote the reform of public hospital compensation system, arouse the enthusiasm of the medical staff. Medical service prices set dynamically adjust guidance, promote forms accord with the characteristics of the medical industry around the fixed pricing method rules and procedures, according to the total amount control, structural adjustment, the principle of mixed, gradually in place, continuously optimize the medical service price comparison. That is to say, the doctor in the future there will be a better value, a reasonable effort to get a reasonable income, not only can improve the medical staff enthusiasm, to the medical service quality and level also have improved significantly. Three, priority is equipped with medical institutions use medicine priority use of basic drugs, which favors to medicine cure. About the medicine proportion problems, most provinces have implemented, clearly no longer supplement, some provinces basic medicine than required to achieve 90%. Around the renewed calls for several policies and measures, in accordance with national requirements, strengthen the management and standardize the medical institutions drug catalogue, on the basis of summarizing the evaluation, to promote medical institutions priority with use of national essential drugs and medical insurance directory drugs, timely adjusting and optimizing medical institutions use directory. Four, because of excessive medical treatment, rational drug use for a long time, not fraud to defraud the violation behavior of medical insurance fund seriously disrupt the normal operation of the medical insurance fund. Since this year, the national health insurance bureau to carry out management actions, further fund supervision. By the end of the September this year, a total of recover and penalty due to breach of contract, a total of 13 medical insurance fund. 500 million yuan, in administrative fines of up to 1. 400 million yuan. In the future, will establish credit evaluation system of medical insurance fund supervision and information disclosure system. Health care department of supervision and inspection, excessive medical treatment is not found in the rational use of drugs and other illegal and investigate the behavior of the resulting in the loss of medical insurance fund in accordance with the law. Five, the need to inform patients prescribed medications physicians, such as general name branded drugs and through consistency evaluation of generic drugs, should truthfully inform patients such as drug cost, ensure the patients enjoy the right to know and options. To participate in national organization drug centralized purchasing and using the reform of medical institutions should first choose drug use centralized purchasing, pharmacists should be prescription audit in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements. To implement a rational drug use in 2020 by the end of June, monitoring index system, regularly publish monitoring results. Promote the implementation of doctor appointment system. Six, give priority to the use of high quality and low price of medicine medical institutions should take the initiative to control the cost, give preference to the use of high quality and low price of medicines and chemical reagents, consumables and technology, to save health care costs. Encourage all the better play special advantage of traditional Chinese medicine combined with the actual explore of payment. For out of the rational use of drugs, the performance of the procurement contract, centralized purchasing complete national organization and use of the drug dosage of the medical establishment that decide a dot, not because of centralized purchasing and use of the drug cost down and reduce the total amount control indicators. Seven, solve the problem of shortage of medical institutions the preparation shortage is one of the reasons resulting in the loss of grassroots medical institutions patients, affect the classification of diagnosis and treatment and improve the quality of basic medical service policy. Put forward some policies and measures, strictly punish drug purchase dishonest ACTS in accordance with the law, repel and perfect market system, there is not in accordance with the contract delivery, do not guarantee the quality and supply, and so on and so forth, to take timely corresponding compensation, punishment, exit, alternative and emergency safeguard measures. Can be seen from the several policies and measures, and the medical staff salary depends on the reform of health care and medical policy supporting, 3 d linkage reform to achieve the desired effect. Released the policy, which is beneficial to promote the reformation of key areas and crucial links to break the ice, but also to promote the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry.
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