WeiJianWei, health bureau, the market regulator in three big 3 armour

by:Celecare     2020-05-23
On August 23, WeiJianWei, health bureau, market supervision bureau joint team, in three big 3 armour hospital! More than half a month, to hunt down the problem! Big 3 armour hospital was special inspection! Scrutiny consumables, collect fees in disorder problem recently, fujian WeiJianWei website the health committee of fujian province of fujian market supervision and administration of medical insurance bureau about the violation charge of provincial public hospitals will be carried out special inspection notice ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'notice') 。 'Notice' clear, according to hospital of self-check, randomly selected from the fujian provincial public hospital, an affiliated stomatological hospital in fujian province and fujian province tumor hospital affiliated rehabilitation hospital of fujian medical university and other three 3 armour hospital inspection. By fujian province WeiJianWei market supervision bureau, province, provincial health bureau relevant office staff, three groups respectively to three 3 armour hospital, each team to check a hospital. This check since mid-august, until early September. From the check key, main inspection found problems in the hospital of self-check and the masses about the medical fee to report complaints, and a new charge problem. ( A) Whether there is without the approval of the right to organ independent charge items or the standard behavior; ( 2) Whether there is a charge items, superposition of violations, show the project fee, repeated charge or expand the scope of deformation increase rate of behavior; ( 3) Whether according to the provisions of the price of the public system; ( 4) Whether the price fraud, such as misleading price; ( 5) Other price violation behavior, etc. This is the first time open years, provincial WeiJianWei, health bureau, the market regulator joint into the big 3 armour hospital survey! Means that the hospital internal control cost, to hunt down kickbacks marketing has entered the white-hot stage! And it is important to note that the check three ministries priority areas including material fees, sales! Plant ( Interface) Consumables into classes such as values, in the most strict controls of fee to open in July, fujian market supervision bureau issued 'the province medical service price key management scheme', after the bureau from the province expert medical institutions charge for inspection, check the medical institutions from fees list, inspection report, the doctor's advice, inventory records and medical record, the purchase invoice sales listing, such as comprehensive carding analysis medical violation charge there may be a problem, find the breakthrough point and breakthrough point of governance. Organize public hospital conduct self-check at the same time, a part of the provincial large public hospital, key symposium, advance medical institutions by the passive to active rectification. Among them, the market supervision bureau of fujian province also pay attention to highlight the key implementation of spot check. The key high value rooted around ( Interface) Into the kind of medical consumables and so on eight aspects. Earlier this month, Beijing WeiJianWei requires, Beijing medical institutions at all levels in the medical record plant involved in the related information of kinds of medical consumables, it is forbidden to use is linked to a doctor. The fujian province in plant involved in class medical consumables charged fees regulation. In 2018, the high value of medical consumables market scale, vascular intervention and orthopaedic implant market biggest, 38. 9 billion yuan and 26. 2 billion yuan respectively. Heart intervention with incomplete statistics, the country can do surgery doctors only 4000, doctors can do orthopedics precision only 5000, a doctor who can do urology and cavity mirror, not more than 3000 of the country. The scarce resources makes them the use of materials with a strong voice, which makes them become the precision of bribery and kickbacks marketing target. Famous cardiologist, the earliest introduction of stents advocate cummins p. cardiac-specific troponin has publicly noted that the abuse of stents has been quite serious in our country, from the clinical, 12% of the patients by excessive treatment, 38% of the stents are put don't put. Because of this, the State Council issued a special high-value consumables, a nationwide hospital consumables charged fees campaign is beginning!
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