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Celecare acne pimple patch, acne healing patch (band-aid)

Celecare acne pimple patch, acne healing patch (band-aid)
acne patch
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Note& Instructions


▶ Ultra-thin,Medical pressure sensitive adhesive / ionizing radiation sterilization.

Bend the pad, aim at and eject one of acne patches with your fingers, rather than your fingernails (easy to wrinkle due to ultra thinness), peel with the other hand or a pair of sterilized tweezers; Before use, please wash your hands and disinfect the acne and so on.

Do not stay up late as possible as you can and lower spicy food intake during use.

Keep a good mood every day, reduce drinking and smoking, do not squeeze acne with your fingers to prevent infection.

Fit the acne surface, can effectively isolate dust and other wool fibers in daily life.

Making up is available after pasting, as the acne patch can reduce the irritation from cosmetics to the acne wound.

Hydrocolloid material can absorb microscale secretion, keep the pores moist, and promote natural recovery for skin.




▶ Clean the acne surface with saline or a sterile cotton swab and dry.

▶ Gently peel the acne patch with a pair of sterilized tweezers or clean hands, do not use your fingernails to prevent curling.

▶ Aim at and paste the acne with an acne patch, and gently press for several seconds to smooth the patch.

▶ When hydrocolloid becomes white or discolors, it indicates that hydrocolloid has absorbed acne secretion and you can replace the acne patch according to steps.

Product specifications

Product specifications12mm×12mm
Product compositionCMC sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, polyisobutylene, medical pressure sensitive adhesive, collagen formula
Product functionkeep the skin moist, isolate the skin surface from extraneous bacteria, absorb a moderate amount of wound exudate, form a wet wound environment, do not hurt the new granulation tissue, do not scab and become dry, good for cell repair and growth, accelerate production of the wound epidermis.
Application scopefor protection of the dotted wound and use of external plaster.
Sterilization methodionizing radiation sterilization
Production datesee the marking on outer packaging
Expiry datethree years
Storage conditionat room temperature, at relative humidity of not more than 80%, in a dry, cool, clean and well ventilated environment without corrosive substance
Instructionsdip toner with a sterile cotton swab to clean the wound, gently press the surrounding skin to make it dry, gently paste and smooth the cell repair bandage, do not press hard. An individual having allergic reaction to hydrocolloid should be cautious, and follow a doctor's advice while using it. This product is not suitable for large-scale skin infection, and should be disposed harmlessly after use.
Main composition of repair bandage
CMC sodium carboxymethyl cellulosea cellulose derivative with glucose polymerization degree of 100 to 2,000. White cellulose-size or particle-size powder.Odorless, tasteless, with good moisture absorption, insoluble in organic solvents, not irritant to the skin.
Polyisobutyleneairtight, soluble, chemical-resistant, without worry of the exudate leakage
Medical pressure sensitive adhesivea kind of pressure sensitive adhesive, mainly used in the preparation of pressure sensitive adhesive tape, and degumming will not occur during use.
Collagenbiocompatible, biodegradable and bioactive, so with its widespread application in food, medicine, tissue engineering and cosmetics, etc.

Product features

Effectively isolate dust and other wool fibers
Ultra-thin, sterilized
Easy to take
Can reduce the irritation from cosmetics to acne
Almost invisible

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