Sustained release of xinjiang 'dividend' health for all patients go to a doctor frequently 'burden'

by:Celecare     2020-06-21
On December 5th after launch strengths the chronic diseases, clinical test results after a single through the convenience and benefit, such as move, xinjiang and introduced a number of provisions for the majority of patients burden. In the 3rd of xinjiang medical and health field rectification work at a news conference, health committee of xinjiang uygur autonomous region, xinjiang uygur autonomous region medical insurance bureau and other departments are introduced in the near future in order to promote the hospital get feeling and satisfaction to launch new initiatives. Health committee of xinjiang uygur autonomous region in medical administration medical tube Feng Dong said, to reduce the burden of cancer patients, xinjiang will be new rules that assessed by the doctor in a stable condition of cancer patients, the radiation and chemotherapy treatment in the clinic, within the scope of basic medical insurance payment rate of 90%. Medical insurance bureau deputy secretary of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region and deputy director of the Wang Zhihua said, a chronic disease in view of the special prescriptions must go to the hospital, long waiting in line, medication is not convenient, has identified 10 agreement designated supply chronic drug retail pharmacies, five designated retail drug store supply agreement countries negotiate drug, chronic drug at the same time a prescription according to disease to relax appropriately with the dose to the amount of 2 months. In addition, in accordance with the practical difficulties faced to the local TB patients medical drugs, xinjiang to detect tuberculosis infected T cells and so on 10 counts of diagnosis and treatment projects into autonomous regions of the basic medical insurance treatment project directory; According to the actual reimbursement of medical expenses of outpatient service and disease in patients with tuberculosis (TB) 100% 90% actual expenses, hospitalization expenses, further reduce the medical expenses burden of TB patients, especially the poor patients. In the aspect of health poverty alleviation, xinjiang deepening poverty relief plan of action. Health committee of xinjiang uygur autonomous region level of strong, said zhang xinjiang will be special treatment of diseases of a serious illness expansion to 32 kinds of poverty population, improve the basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance and medical treatment triple precision medical security system, and further implement the diagnosis before they pay one-stop settlement, etc. , that the masses have a serious illness can afford disease, and can get timely treatment.
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