Shanghai deepening health reform to relieve the people 'difficulty and high cost of the doctor'

by:Celecare     2020-06-05
Reporter in an interview in Shanghai on July 23, to carry out the provincial comprehensive reform pilot for three years, Shanghai strengthening institutional innovation and policy guarantee, do the pioneer of community comprehensive health care reform, on the reform of public hospitals to crack, the true kung fu strong safeguard, control costs, through medical treatment, health care, medical 3 d linkage effective to alleviate the difficulty and high cost of treatment. In the medical service resources configuration, Shanghai stick to sink to the community, to the aged care, rehabilitation, paediatrics, emergency such as weak link. Strengthen grassroots population in the city, 1 + 1 + 1 medical institution innovation combination signing mechanism, residents can choose a voluntary community health service center of the family doctor, a district hospital, signing a municipal hospital; The average monthly reserved for family doctor first 13. # 80000 outpatient source, adhere to a higher quality service and more favorable policies to guide citizens first option at the grassroots level by the end of July 15, 2019 signing has over 7 million inhabitants, combination JiuZhenLv within 71%. At the same time, increase the intensity of secondary and tertiary hospital support community in Shanghai, vigorously promote regional medical center and specialized medical couplet body construction. Residents in the community to check, can be in one hour to get the report issued by the municipal or district hospitals image expert, it has become the norm in many medical couplet body. This year, Shanghai will be layout 58 medical services in the city circle, plans to use three years time, the construction of a batch of rational layout, unified standards, clear positioning of regional medical center, let people can match good medicine, at home to watch the disease, relieve central city crowded and hospitals expert queuing problem; Continue to push forward regional and specialized medical couplet body construction, focus on promoting xinhua - Chongming close couplet of regional medical construction benefit people on the island. Firmly hold public welfare, adhere to the social benefit maximization, Shanghai comprehensively strengthen party construction, public hospital in such key links as performance evaluation, income distribution, real actively explore specialization, refinement, standardization of modern hospital management system. This year, six hospitals in Shanghai set up a sound system of modern hospital management national pilot, and will further improve public hospital medical service evaluation mechanism. Under strict regulation, medicine, to cut off the medical personnel assessment, income distribution and economic department directly link between income measures such as, Shanghai public hospital medical expenses increase significantly decreased continuously. This year, Shanghai will through technical means, the establishment of public hospital regulation evaluation cloud management platform, etc. , for real-time monitoring of medical expenses, the cost is obviously unreasonable growth of the hospital to carry out supervision and questioning. Shanghai on improve the drug security mechanism, squeeze the water prices also blockbuster repeatedly: perfect medicine procurement sunshine platform, strengthen the medicines and medical equipment procurement, distribution and use of the whole process of supervision; Explore some high-priced medicines procurement negotiations mechanism, the state talks and part of the tumor molecular target drug medicine into the medical insurance directory, to develop special anti-cancer drug centralized purchasing in curbing the rising medical costs at the same time, Shanghai actively improve the basic medical insurance system, steadily enhance people treatment of primary health care, reduce policy within the scope of individual pay cost.
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