Shandong: more than 2020 secondary common medical institutions to carry out Internet diagnosis and treatment

by:Celecare     2020-06-23
On July 16, general office of the government of shandong province has issued the advance in shandong province health demonstration province construction plan of action (Internet + 2019 - 2020) ', encourage the development of Internet + medical service, and puts forward to more than 2020 secondary medical institutions for medical services, the Internet is generally provide a period of time appointment diagnosis and treatment, intelligent DaoYi triage, waiting to remind, clinic and settlement, mobile payment, such as medical record copy booking online services. In order to improve the ability of medical treatment, shandong will promote cloud emergency treatment services. Municipal and county ( City, area) 120 unified scheduling command system integrated access cloud first aid treatment systems. In 2020, chest pain, stroke, trauma, severe maternal treatment, treatment critically ill children and neonates, cancer six centers set up, implement emergency patients with comprehensive treatment service integration. Construction of remote diagnosis, pathology, on the provincial and municipal level image center. In 2019, telemedicine covering all the province medical association and county-level hospitals; In 2020, covered in towns and townships, community health service institutions, strive to reach the village clinic. Shandong, gradually will conform to the condition of Internet medical service project into the medical insurance to pay limits, based on the Internet to carry out basic medical services, according to the basic medical service price project specification execution; To meet the demand of individuation, high level of outpatient medical service price, the market regulation. In promoting the health development of big data applications, shandong support research and development of artificial intelligence technology, medical robot, 3 d printing technology and wearable devices, etc. , to promote digital, intelligent, miniaturization of medical equipment. Above 2020 health artificial intelligence technology in the secondary hospital popularization and application.
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