Shandong medical consumables bonus cancelled public medical institutions

by:Celecare     2020-06-24
On December 10, 11, reporters from the shandong province medical insurance bureau learned that from now on comprehensive cancel all kinds of public medical institutions at all levels in shandong province medical consumables bonus. All allow separate charging patients medical consumables, sales at actual purchase price rate to zero. Shandong province health bureau of the relevant controller introduces, medical consumables addition public medical institutions, is the important measure of powerful break to raise the medical consumption, aims to regulate material use reduce the financial burden on patients. Data measured in 2018, the shandong province public medical institutions will cancel the medical consumables bonus every year 12. 400 million yuan. Medical consumables addition in cancelled at the same time, also in shandong province synchronous adjustment of medical service prices, improve the technical service income accounted for, in order to public medical institutions to compensate. Such as the lateral ventricle puncture by each 600 yuan to 840 yuan, damage to peripheral nerve surgery from every 200 yuan to 280 yuan each time. Adjustment of medical service prices in accordance with the relevant provisions incorporated into the scope of coverage. Shandong province health bureau analysis thinks, cancel after medical consumables addition, before the reform of patients' out-of-pocket medical consumables addition amount, most paid by medical insurance fund, reduce the medical burden of patients. According to preliminary statistics, after the reform of shandong province is expected to new medical insurance fund spending 3. 900 million yuan. In the long run, to break the pursuit of profit mechanism of medical consumables income of medical institutions, medical consumable reasonable use, will be conducive to the curb the unreasonable growth of medical expense, reduce the burden of the people go to a doctor.
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