Shaanxi: promoting Internet + medical service help poverty-stricken counties

by:Celecare     2020-05-12
On September 20, the doctor less less queuing, running errands, diagnosis and treatment safer, more efficient, service more perfect, more accessible - - - - - - - Shaanxi province health committee and other departments for public health has further improve the medical service action plan priority scheme, push Internet + medical services, to promote the integration of medical resources, service process optimization and management mode innovation. Plan calls for focused on basic level medical institutions and telemedicine network construction in remote areas. Bear the poverty-stricken county hospitals counterpart support task of tertiary hospital, to aid the hospital set up remote medical service platform, build system of remote medical work, promote normalized remote medical services. Give full play to the construction of the provincial, city remote information platform, to speed up the promotion of telemedicine, distance learning, remote training and other services. Will take the lead in shaanxi province set up in shaanxi province people's hospital, xi 'an jiaotong university first affiliated hospital, the second affiliated hospital of xi 'an jiaotong university, northwest poor women and children hospital and 29 pick cap county county hospital of remote diagnosis and service, perfect the province - County, a remote service network. Set up online diagnosis and treatment, offline priority referral patterns at any time, do a good job in 56 countries poverty alleviation work key county hospital and county 50% of towns and townships in remote medical service construction work.
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