Optional go seeing a doctor? Medicare payments help diagnosis and classification

by:Celecare     2020-07-01
April 9 will become hierarchical diagnosis and treatment of patients with active! Part of the personage inside course of study to the heilongjiang province put forward by medicare pay leverage effect of classification and treatment measures. With continuous positive domestic outbreak, various medical institutions at all levels are fully restore order to the health service, the backlog of medical needs during the epidemic is concentrated release, there have been many peak in the clinic. In order to effectively solve the phenomenon of large hospital crowd gathered, reduce unnecessary risk of cross infection, on March 28, heilongjiang province, proposed according to the first option at the grass-roots level, two-way referral, slow partition, the classification system of upper and lower linkage requirements, ensure that the new crown pneumonia during the epidemic prevention and control of medical safety. In fact, in 2004, our country has been put forward to implement the hierarchical diagnosis model, unfortunately, at present our country many grass-roots community health institutions also did not give full play to the role, not shoulder the responsibility and the common disease diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease management responsibility. This leads to a large number of patients ( Including children) Crowds gathered into general hospital, resulting in comprehensive hospital, affects the normal medical order, and also increase the risk of the hospital infection. Medicare pay power classification diagnosis and treatment will be grading diagnosis and treatment of patients with active! Part of the personage inside course of study to the heilongjiang province put forward by medicare pay leverage effect of classification and treatment measures. According to heilongjiang province health bureau level 2 inspector Zhang Bingqi, classification of diagnosis and treatment in the aspect of health care policy measures, mainly give full play to the leverage of medical insurance payment, guide the formation of patients in the first option at the grass-roots level, realize the benign medical referral, up and down. Specifically, one is open, reimbursement ratio between the medical institutions at all levels of reimbursement of the gap between adjacent level or lower than 15%. , such as towns and townships, community hospital and medical grassroots medical institutions, such as policy within the scope of insurance reimbursement percentage is 90%, then the secondary medical institutions cannot reimbursement ratio over 75%, tertiary hospitals cannot exceed 60%. 2 it is within close couplet of medical referral referrals, turn on the patients with senders to calculate starting line, turn the patients no longer double counting starting line. 2 it is, is not in accordance with regulations of the classification diagnosis and treatment, fails to perform the above referral treatment ( Emergency, critically ill patients except) On the basis of reimbursement ratio, its dependency on existing 50% reduction for reimbursement. In order to ensure that the new champions league during the epidemic prevention and control of medical security in heilongjiang province are put forward to do seven key strengthen: in order to strengthen the management of hierarchical diagnosis diseases, organize experts established 256 county-level hospitals grading diagnosis diseases and 49 kinds of grassroots health institutions grading clinical diseases, various counties ( City) Combined with the local actual, medical institutions can in principle of diagnosis and treatment of diseases at the corresponding level shall not outside; Patients turn on is really necessary, referral sheet issued by transfer medical institutions and patients' informed consent, the priority of couplet of referral to medical higher medical institutions. To strengthen hospital referral system implementation, except for emergency and severe cases patients, every disease diagnosis classification diagnosis and treatment of patients, in principle at the location of the residence or the onset of a nearby grassroots health institutions to accept the diagnosis and treatment for the first time. Medical institutions shall comply with the doctor suggested, patients with the principle of voluntary, two-way referral, referral, generally follow the basic medical and health institutions, county-level hospitals, municipal, and ( Or) The order of the provincial hospital referral, the superior hospital departments of patients in stable condition or enter the recovery should be timely referral down. Strengthening primary health services, improve the capacity to build the higher medical institutions and grassroots medical institutions collaboration mechanism and counterpart support relationship, promoting steady rise of diagnosis and treatment level of medical institutions at the grassroots level basic-level medical institutions will be more practicing doctors and support physicians related service information in the prominent position of the public, to guide the masses at the grass-roots level the first option. Strengthen the implementation of two-way referral system specification, various medical institutions at all levels to close collaboration between, relying on medical association, counterpart support, such as form, form the two-way referral channels. Provincial, municipal hospital space should be reserved for grassroots referral patients go to a doctor. Strengthening primary chronic diseases diagnosis and treatment services, strengthening standardized diagnosis of chronic diseases and health management, different level medical institutions and medical personnel responsibilities clearly positioning, strengthen coordinated, execute classification services, classification management, the implementation of grassroots chronic joint outpatient service system with chronic strengths, to carry out the online drug delivery. To strengthen the construction of information technology application, second class above all medical institutions to implement online booking registration, inspection booking, telemedicine, guide the patient to the nearest medical, period of time. Establish two-way referral information platform and remote medical service network, secondary and tertiary medical institutions via the Internet, grassroots medical institutions to provide pathological diagnosis, remote diagnosis, remote remote image diagnosis, remote ecg diagnosis, remote training and other services, promote the implementation of grassroots, superior diagnosis model. Strengthen the classification, diagnosis and management of various medical institutions at all levels shall be clear referral services, carrying out responsibility system of referral. According to the doctors advice, is responsible for the fluctuation of the referral link contacts, initiative to provide patients with diagnosis and treatment and referral services continuously. Strengthen scientific grading diagnosis and treat diseases range of propaganda, enhance patients' first option at the grass-roots level, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment of self-consciousness, combining pays special attention to grasp the real epidemic prevention and control work, promote the grading system implemented effectively.
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